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Monday, September 30, 2013

Week on two pages, differently...

For a while I've thought about weekly pages that had Monday through Friday on one side..

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With the weekend on it's own page, split evenly between Saturday and Sunday.  Technically, it's a week on two pages but divided in a different way.

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I made a sample for myself to use this week on the (adorable!) colored graph paper Pia sent me.  I'm using grey ink so in person it's readable, on camera it's a bit hard to see...

 I'm not jazzed about making pages each week, I prefer to have everything already done so I can put appointments in that are months down the road and no way am I going to make all 52 weeks in advance.  

What got me thinking about pages spaced like this is I use a combination of  two days per page and a week on two pages.     Busier weeks I use the former and slower times, the latter. 

But this might be an excellent combination for me.  I tend to dump a lot of what I do onto weekends.  I don't have a lot of work related things, rarely more then one appointment per day but all the other stuff, the family and personal obligation type things are almost exclusively on the weekend.  The fact that the majority of planning pages have halved days on Saturday and Sunday  exacerbates the problem like a sinus headache on top of a migraine.

I meant to run my thoughts passed everyone during the Filofax Enthusiasts refill concepts request  but life got in the way and so shoot, it didn't happen. 

I still think it could work and am wondering; are there refills like this already?  Or has anyone tried anything like this before?   Does it even make sense...


Amanda Carter 9/30/13, 10:59 AM  

This totally makes sense if your weekends are busier than the rest of the week! I have just written about how I adapt my week on two pages to make the weekend space larger than it originally is, I hate the tiny weekend you get on the filofax inserts.

Nancy Zarroli 9/30/13, 1:44 PM  

Great idea! Maybe you should make a printable one-I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way you do!

Tracy Reinhardt 9/30/13, 3:43 PM  

I wonder if Steve or Ray can make them?

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