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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crap cakes...

 The doctor's office called this morning to inform me I missed a 9:00 a.m. appointment for a physical.  I thought it was next week and meant to change it; no point getting assessed when I've been sick for two weeks....

 When I switched to the Ordning & Reda binder I didn't move the future dates.   Why I do that?    Passed missed appointments are a major reason I keep a binder in the first place and the primary reason I try to minimize switching around.  For all my good intentions, dates never get moved to the new planner in a timely enough manner.

I've been sitting here trying to figure out what to do now; move all future dates to the Ordning & Reda or go back to my Portland Grand?  Both make me as happy as a five-year-old girl with a new pair of shiny, shiny shoes.

After about two hours of talking this over with myself, I'm going back to the Portland Grand (with reservations). I feel more then a little switch-shy, the memory of my crazed  changeover in the middle of the night a few days ago is still fresh in my mind, but I can't deny there would be benefits.

1.  There are still appointments in the Grand that never got moved.
2.  I can't find inserts for the O&R binder and don't know how successful I will be in finding a reliable source for them moving forward...
3.  .... whereas finding inserts for a personal size Filofax is wholly painless.  I can even find them locally, which I can't say about any other size or binder.
4.  The Grand rings are 30 mm which trumps some of the benefits of having a larger planner (like it being a flippin' breeze to add standard printed pages).
5.  And I already have a lot of personal-sized supplies so there is no money-spending involved.

Switching planners

So here I sit, yet again, surrounded by the anxious wreckage of a  planner switch.  Another planner switch.

Wish me luck, I'm going in....


Rebecca Bover 9/12/13, 7:44 PM  

Good luck! I just wish it was me moving in to my 30mm ring Cavendish that was SUPPOSED to be delivered today. I guess that was wishful thinking on my part! I'm happy for you though, and I think you made the same choice I would've made. :)

Tracy Reinhardt 9/14/13, 8:11 AM  

Rebecca, did it ever come?? The cavendish looks so nice - Josh showed it a lot in videos. I probably would have tried to get one of them if a portland didn't come through. The older ones with 30 mm rings are so classic and great.

Jotje 9/14/13, 10:49 AM  

Tracy, hooray for moving back into the Portland! I love love love that binder. And I know for sure, once you've uploaded another Portland video I will soooo regret that I put mine on ebay ...
However, the planner I'm now in makes ME happy as a 5-year-old with shiny shoes (LOL)

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