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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yep, still workin'

Earlier this week I did a 'would I buy it again post, and this is part two.  I know there are a lot of haul posts - and for sure - they are fun.  Who doesn't like a bit of office supply porn from time to time ( I know I do!) and it's great to see wondrous papery things you never knew existed but if they don't work,  few things really do over time, buying them wastes money I could be spending on things I really need...  Like toilet paper.

For real - I love stickers and pens but if I spend my toilet paper money on them, life just got a whole lot harder !

I still love my pink pocket Rio.   I got it at a very reduced price from a local store that was clearing out their inventory.  I don't remember how much I paid but it was something like $5, crazy.  In the past I used it as a wallet but working with cash made that difficult.  I'm carrying a months worth of grocery money with me and it's very bulky the first week or two so I've moved into a Vera Bradley wristlet...  But I still carry my Pocket Rio

BeFunky Beautify on iPhone

I slip two pens in the full back wallet pocket and now I always have a pen.  Then I punched all those cute smash / project life pages I've accumulated and use them as note paper, it's  a great size for that.  The last thing I did was cut down a small aqua notebook - All but the front cover and punched it.   It works great as a jot pad!

I've cut down on the decorating in my main planner but in this one it works great and makes me happy when I see it in my purse!  Being all pink and aqua it's easy to find in there too.

Spendvelopes in my filofax

Yes, the Spendvelopes again.

I posted on these back in May and had them for a few months at that point. They still look great and at $7.99 they are a bargain.   Every time I pay a reoccurring large bill painlessly I thank my Spendvelopes.   They are the perfect size for a personal Filofax but certainly fit in an A5 as well.  

It just happened - My Amazon Prime bill is coming due so I went to that envelope, took out the cash and deposited into my checking account.   Done.  

These aren't available with Amazon's global shipping but there are some cash envelopes with international shipping at this link.   I can't vouch for their quality but it's the whole cash thing that works for me.  

japanese book punch

I did a post on my Japanese Book Awl over a year ago and it's an amazing thing for punching stacks of paper, much better then a traditional hole punch.  

The item takes up about the same space as a few pencils and most come with multiple bits - Perfect when you need to punch holes for different sized binders.  The quality ones sold at bookbinding sites run about $75 but there are cheaper ones around.

 I'm sure mine isn't as smooth as the expensive ones and I did purchase a higher quality bit but I'm always surprised more people don't use these.

kawaii diary journal template from japan

The last thing is a template I purchased from a seller on Etsy, Kawaii Tokyo.  The seller doesn't stock these but was glad to buy one for me and she would be glad to do this for other people too.   I tried to find one of these things for over a year online and never was able to.  It's so helpful - it's easy to do arrows and symbols with OCD precision - which sadly,  appeals to me like nobodies business.  

It's about personal page size so it's easy to carry in all but the smaller binders. 

I love to see posts like this and hope some people will do them.  Knowing what has worked over time really helps me. 


Cheryl 8/18/13, 1:32 PM  

Great what you did with the Rio!

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