The Crazy Suburban Mom: Whoa! It's a Portland enabling fest on eBay and a few notes about proxy bidding

Friday, August 16, 2013

Whoa! It's a Portland enabling fest on eBay and a few notes about proxy bidding

Portland Filofaxes don't come up for sale often.  I see them from time to time but don't think I've ever seen four up at the same time.   These are truly beautiful binders and even in used condition my Portlands stand out as planner perfection.  Prices vary but in general they sell easily; people just want them and I totally understand that.  

My brown Portland has some of the best leather I've ever seen and I'm including all leather goods in my comparison; from other planners, to wallets, to shoes to fine leather coats.  It's really amazing and my Portlands are really what I hold up all other planners too.    

A note on eBay bidding:  I've seen a lot of posts recently about losing things at the last second on eBay.  I've been doing eBay since 1999 and my best results come from putting in the highest amount I'm willing to pay right off.  Your high amount doesn't show and if no one else bids you'll get it at your lowest bid but if someone tries to out bid you, your bid will climb up to, but not over, your maximum bid.  

You can still lose this way, I have.  But not often.  The end sniping bids are usually attempts to get an item below what it's worth and many are a bid of only one or two more increments.   I can't outbid a sniper manually but I can by putting in my maximum bid right off.  

I think it's easy to get lulled when you bid low and no one else bids for days and days but many people don't bid early, they just hit the watch button and bid the last day (or last few minutes).  When I want to win something I usually wait until the last day, assess how much I'm willing to pay and put that in the bid box.

eBay calls this Proxy Bidding and has a help page about it here.  If you've never seen it or never considered proxy bidding check out that page.

I can still lose items this way but, and this is a huge but, I don't lose it unless it's more then I wanted to pay anyway.  Really considering what something is worth to you and then putting that number in the bid box assures you won't pay more for an item then you can afford and that you won't lose it in the last second to a bid you would have been willing to top.  

And onto the Portland Parade....

Ohhhh!  I've never seen a blue one.... fabulous. Current bid is £4.00 and bidding ends August 25th.  UK shipping only...

This is a red pocket Portland.  The current bid is £12.00 and it ends on August 21st.   UK shipping only.

A black one too.   Current price is £12.00 and bidding ends August 18th.  Looks like there is no specific shipping info for US shipping but it doesn't seem excluded.   There is a note about contacting the seller...  so maybe the seller will ship.

This looks like the one I have.  Current bid is £5.15 and auction ends August 18th.  Shipping is available world wide.  


Amanda Carter 8/16/13, 8:16 AM  

Tracy! I thought to myself I can read this post safely without being tempted as they will all be US sellers and shipping will make it too expensive for me to bid and then they are all UK sellers.... you're killing me lol!

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/13, 8:26 AM  

Amanda, Nope, they are all UK sellers! And shipping to the UK is pretty great... I don't know if that's good or bad though -- sounds like you didn't want to be enabled! The portlands come up way more on the UK site to be sure. And for much less... when US sellers list them they start out much higher.

The portlands really are beautiful... Like I said, even my used ones really stand out. And I've never seen this many up at one time so.... sorry? LOL

Amanda Carter 8/16/13, 9:00 AM  

Hahaha! No, thanks for the heads up. I'm now watching all of them and I'm going to go through them properly later to choose a favourite.... and maybe place a bid!

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/13, 9:12 AM  

amanda, the watching feature is the way I go with all things. Even with the buy it now stuff... I can give myself a cooling off period which I need sometimes :)

Clareio 8/16/13, 9:30 AM  

Another hint i got that often works is putting your highest bid in right down to coppers, i have often put high bids of things like £25.61 when i only wanted to pay just £25, this could mean your bid being just a tiny bit higher than someone elses but its enough

Amanda Carter 8/16/13, 9:43 AM  

Tracy my watch list is like a shopping list. I add everything I want to it and the work my way through picking and choosing what I actually need and delete off anything I don't.
Clareio I do that too ;)

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/13, 9:58 AM  

Clareio, Yes, I didn't add that but should have. I've won on bids that way too... 25.01, 32.53 yes... it's a great strategy.

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/13, 9:59 AM  

Amanda, sometimes I get SO excited about things I stop thinking :) The watch list lets me calm down and think for a bit.

stamping bella 8/16/13, 3:13 PM  

now I am obssessed with the Portland personal GRAND.. how the heck am I gonna find one of those???

Amanda Carter 8/16/13, 3:37 PM  

I know that feeling! I've just looked through and the blue one is gorgeous and the brown one has a photo of the seller folding the leather in on itself, that must be so soft!

Kelly P 8/16/13, 10:44 PM  

Hi Tracy, I have a dark green Portland - was my first filo and I bought it on EBay years ago. I have bought and sold other filos but would never part with my Portland!

Susan Mac 8/17/13, 8:21 AM  

Well, at least you're enabling on the UK site where I don't go. The blue one is to die for.

SF 8/19/13, 1:09 PM  

That's what is frustrating about the UK eBay site. Uk shipping only. I gave up going there because of that. Sad, Sad.

Amanda (from Paper, Pens and Ink) 9/1/13, 8:11 AM  

The blue one is indeed to die for! I bought it. No-one else seemed to want it all that much though...
Anyway, I now have the red pocket and the blue personal (I have the same eBay alerts as you I think!). I've had a green one for years and the Portlands are fantastic. The blue one is VERY sexy!

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