The Crazy Suburban Mom: Spendvelope Giveaway, Part 2

Friday, August 30, 2013

Spendvelope Giveaway, Part 2

I'm giving away six full sets of  spendvelope cash envelopes; three here as a blog giveaway and three as a  youtube video giveaway.   You may enter daily for both giveaways if you wish.  Comments to this post will count towards this set of three and comments to the youtube video will be for those three.   

They are made from nice, heavy card stock (which makes them more durable then  the regular postal envelopes I tried initially).  The envelope sets include twelve spendvelopes in ten different colors ( two are white) and that makes it very easy to distinguish one envelope category from another.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone
The above picture is a spendvelope under a sheet of personal sized Filofax paper, as you can see they are almost identical. I've kept mine in personal and A5 Filofaxes, the regular size Midori traveler's notebook (under the elastic), in a small plastic box, and currently in a Vera Bradley Clutch wallet.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone
There isn't a closure  but the flap is long and I've found them secure without an additional closure.   Here you can see the Filofax paper poking out the bottom.  If I decided to punch these I will need to cut the bottom flap edge off to keep the rings free.    

If you feel you need to seal them I've always thought repositionable  tape would work, as would Velcro dots, or an elastic band.    
Spendvelopes are a great size for carrying coupons and receipts, as well as all the little tabs and clips and notes we carry in our Filofax, so if you feel you don't need twelve money categories they won't go to waste.
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Under the flap is a  grid similar to a check register.  This was something I wanted when I was using regular envelopes.  When I wanted to know what I had, I had to count everything.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

Spendvelopes can be purchased directly though their Amazon Store but there is also a website with information on how to get started simply (simple is always the best way to get into anything!) and  the owner's success story.

For me these are pretty much perfect!    If I could change one thing it would be the motivation quotes on the back.   I wish it was just blank or with lines.   I've also used them for saving money for a particular reason (saving up to buy a purse) and I would have liked to be able to write my own motivation on the back.  And add a picture.  

That's a pretty picayune, I know.  But I do love my creativity space on all things :)

Comment to this post to enter and you can enter daily. Giveaway will run until September 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm. and please be a subscriber because that's the point... To thank people who support me!


YBD 8/30/13, 11:09 AM  

I would love to enter the giveaway. Thank you!

Morag 8/30/13, 11:38 AM  

Thanks for the opportunity and I would like to be entered

Val MH 8/30/13, 12:09 PM  

TFS a good organizational tool! Please enter me in giveaway. Mahalo :)

Carole Anne Carr 8/30/13, 2:45 PM  

I'm nutty about paper blanks, especially those with William Morris decoration on the covers, in fact anything to do with the feel of new paper. :0)

Erica 8/30/13, 3:09 PM  

Thanks for the chance to win this system of keeping track of $$ spent. I've been on two vacations this summer and it's time to reign in the bucks to get ready for Christmas. I don't want to use credit cards.
Thanks for your great posts on the Filofax.

nancierosie 8/30/13, 3:38 PM  

Just created a budget plan, and this would be a great addition to help me stick to it...and fits into my filofax :)

MySummerTouch 8/30/13, 8:31 PM  

I'm entring too!

Maria Villafana 8/31/13, 1:53 AM  

My finance section is almost non existent lol.

Fotojoy/Joyce 8/31/13, 9:52 AM  

Just happened to find your Blog and I Love the Give away - Just what I need to keep my spending under control --Fingers Crosssed that I can be a WiNner!

Vicky A 8/31/13, 10:02 AM  

Found this blog through Philofaxy having never heard of spendvelopes and I think they are a brilliant idea. Fingers crossed for the giveaway!

Anonymous,  8/31/13, 4:55 PM  

I'm admiring the colors today. I love how bright they are. I wonder how many I could succesfully stuff in the binder with my normal planning inserts.

Jotje 9/3/13, 10:20 AM  

Love to enter cos I'm entering a stationery diet ....;)

sweetside 9/4/13, 6:38 PM  

Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I am intreged by these little cash holders! I am going to check out the website! Looking forward to seeing who wins! Thanks

Courtney Brook 9/5/13, 8:57 AM  

Im entering both!!
totally want some of these, too hard to find in Australia!

Liz 9/7/13, 12:19 PM  

Hello Tracy, the more I think about this system, the more I want to just buy it. LOL! Thanks for the multiple entry possibilities.

IamUniquelyImperfect 9/7/13, 9:09 PM  

I would love to win a set. Love Ya'

Steph 9/8/13, 3:54 PM  

What a great giveaway. I desperately need these in my life. :) I have to find a better way to organize my money. These would be great. Thanks for the chance.

Liz 9/9/13, 2:51 AM  

Hello Tracy,

Love this envelope system! How long do they last in your planner, on average?

IamUniquelyImperfect 9/9/13, 9:19 PM  

Hi my Love, I love these envelopes. Hope I can win a set, thanks for the opportunity.

IamUniquelyImperfect 9/10/13, 4:57 PM  

I would love to get these envelopes. Thank you for having the giveaway. Love Ya' Patricia

Liz 9/11/13, 11:03 AM  

Hi Tracy, these are such cool envelopes. Just checking in. again. LOL!

IamUniquelyImperfect 9/11/13, 7:21 PM  

Hi my Love Tracy, still hoping to win a set of these awesome spendelopes. Love Ya' Patricia

IamUniquelyImperfect 9/13/13, 7:06 PM  

Hi my Love Tracy, still hoping to win a set of these awesome spendvelopes..... Even if I have to comment Love ya' Patricia

IamUniquelyImperfect 9/14/13, 10:38 AM  

Still hoping to win some of these awesome spendvelopes. Love Ya' Patricia

princessneethi 9/14/13, 3:36 PM  

love your blog!

YBD 9/18/13, 12:43 PM  

Looking forward to the announcement of winners!!

Patricia Rudolph 9/19/13, 9:57 AM  

These are awesome!! I am going to sort using these for my family budgeting. Thanks for sharing did not know these existed.

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