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Friday, August 9, 2013

Office supply enabling but in a good way

I've done a few 'Would I buy it again?' posts before because seeing things that work over time  saves money  and keeps the office supply clutter down to a dull roar.

First things first; the pen I use daily.

Ah! Pilot Juice pens,  I love you so.  The water resistant, pigment based ink and nice range of colors (Grey for me!)  is only the beginning. It's really about the mechanics of writing, isn't it?  

 The Juice moves smoothly and intentionally over paper with just the correct  amount of drag; an essential mix.  I just can't manage pens that glide across paper like an Olympic figure skater, they turn my to-do lists into penmanship crime scenes.  


Sure, those smooth operators decrease the work of writing...But (for me) trying to write neatly with them is like herding cats.  

One disadvantage (not  an issue for some people)  is they aren't optimally sized for most Filofaxes.  The comfort grip and spring-loaded clip, though nice features, put Mr. Juice just the other side of pen loop-friendly.  Another potential issue is the lighter colors I've  tried function more like milky-colored highlighters (but I understand they are visible on dark paper). Whether that is a problem depends on what you were expecting and the intended use.   My opinion is the positives outweigh its negatives and I still give them them five thumbs, I mean nibs, up. 

Pilot Juice Pens are sold individually in sizes 0.5 and 0.38 at Jetpens and Amazon has a nice set of the 0.38 size.

Post it Study and Writable  Arrow Flags are a new favorite and, Where have you been all my life?  I've been hunting for stickyphernalia with the qualities these possess for, well... Ever. 

They are translucent, stick without shifting, are repositionable, take ink very well (without an extended drying time), and the color seems integrated in the material not just applied to the surface. 

 I've tried endless translucent stickies only to find ink didn't sit will on them (some never seemed to dry) and given enough time the color started to degrade and crackle.

I can't think of a single disadvantage to these except perhaps that there aren't more designs available in this line and none are traditional sticky note size. These are available in the US at Staples and to most countries through Amazon's  Global Shipping.

And I know...  This was sort of an office supply enabling post but things that work well in the long term are always worth buying.  

At least that's the story I tell my non-stationery obsessed family and I'm sticking to it.


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