The Crazy Suburban Mom: Midori Traveler's Notebook compliation

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Midori Traveler's Notebook compliation

This is a compilation of several of my videos on the Traveler's Notebook - ONLY THE FIRST 8 MINUTES OR SO IS NEW - I found I kept referring to other videos and blog posts and it would be easiest for people who'd never seen them if I just tacked it all together as one.

Most people have probably seen the older ones already so please just click out after the first 10 minutes.


stamping bella 8/15/13, 10:51 PM  

hi there,
i have a question.. how do you print your instagram pics at home? would love to know!
also would love to know which planner you are currently using


Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/13, 2:59 AM  

Em, I didn't do it at home - they were done by printstagram online. I haven't found a good way to print them myself.

stamping bella 8/16/13, 10:43 AM  

thank you Tracy :) I am dying to find a way too!! and which planner do you currently use? the Portland?
Dying to get the malden teal.. just ordered the fluoro pink.. hmph

Tracy Reinhardt 8/16/13, 11:04 AM  

em, I'm still trying to find a way to do it through my kodak pogo but they dont print from iphones or the camera I use most often via bluetooth. I have another that might work - something called picbridge seems to be needed... ugh. it should be so much easier. right now I'm using the ording and reda planner that I won on youtube from itsbyemi - theres something that really works for me in its simplicity. I think the fluro pink is an amazing color but I dont think I could get it to work for me - the rings combined with the short strap make it hard to get in all I need. And I don't mind that it doesnt have pen loops or pockets, neither does the one I'm using but

stamping bella 8/16/13, 3:16 PM  

i have to go and look at what you are working with. I am so irritated.. I had a gorgeous planner from france that I had made especially with me with 1" rings and NO strap. It was PERFECT. And now I can't find it anywhere :(. I will probably relist the fluoro.. i was just stupid. LOL

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