The Crazy Suburban Mom: Is the A5 Malden Durable?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Is the A5 Malden Durable?

I had a request to do a video on how my Filofaxes fare over time.  How they hold up, how they wear and wear they were...  It's easy to love a binder fresh out of the box but I think the question is will you love it over time?  And will it be worthy.  Also can you expect it will still be functional in years to come.

I was going to compare them together, all at once but the video would have been excruciatingly long so I'm breaking them up into individual Filofaxes.

I'm doing my Malden A5 first because even though it pained me, I had to move back into it over the weekend.

Hope this answered the questions and you find it helpful!

P.S. I usually show my dogs but the weather is awful today, torrential rains, flash flooding and thunders so Ventura has retired to the closet for the duration...  I shot some footage of him about two weeks ago, off lease in my father's back yard.   He sees my dad's yard as a salad bar and spent a good amount of time chowing down on greens.

P.S. again...  The clopping noise you hear is his brace.


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