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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Filofax charm update

There was no way to make the donation page work.   When the button was clicked it leaves the item available and I've had to refund more then once ( and it's only been up a few days.)    Even though I have been pretty on top of it, more then one ended up promised to multiple people.

I really did want to do this via donation but it's not working so I moved them to my Etsy shop, PopcornFeet.  I've had an etsy shop since 2007 and it's named after Ginger whose feet smell like pop corn :)

Here are the items currently in there along with links and thank you everyone who's tested or purchased Filofax charms already; thanks to all of you I have one of Ginger's medicines paid for, for next month plus a bit towards another one.

purple hello kitty filofax charm

Hello Kitty in a purple and pink dress

I will continue to do this as long as people want them.  I've had to set prices on etsy since there are more fees to deal with.  Hopefully, the prices I set will work for everyone.  I've only charged the shipping that it costs me to mail them.


Julia 7/6/13, 11:10 PM  

OH THE SHELL ONE OH THE SHELL ONE!!! Once again, your creative mind has given me ideas. I've been meaning to do some charms for my planners, but my to do list is miles long. These are beautiful, Tracy. I'm going now to check out your shop.

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