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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A week on how many pages?

I recently posted about changing to the dated two day per page inserts (post is here) so this is a follow up video on how they're hanging.


SF 7/29/13, 11:50 AM  

I have to tell you I follow your blog with interest because I too love the graph paper and can't get away from it. I was using FF WO2P cream paper and have rolled over to cutting graph paper (5 squares per in)to fit my personal Winchester. Then I make my own daily diary. Right now it's in the form of 2 days on a page, with a weekly tasks block at the beginning of the week. All hand done. I figure I can use the blank graph paper to make whatever form I need, to my liking. So, slowly all the colored paper and FF to do lists paper are disappearing from my Filo. If I get the itch, I can jazz it up with washi tape or whatever.

I was inspired to do this from see ing this blog in particular. Thanks SO much for sharing your thoughts!

Susan Mac 7/31/13, 12:13 AM  

Haven't seen a post lately. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Cruz Johnson 11/19/13, 5:50 AM  

I really like the two-days-per-page layout (or week on four pages), but I need to see my whole week at a glance, so I'll be sticking with a week on two pages for 2014 (which should be arriving this week).

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