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Friday, June 7, 2013


One of the best things about a Filofax is you can customize it to make it you, make it yours.  You can redo setups from sun up to sun down and sticker it to within an inch of it's ringed life because it's more about the process then getting to the finish line.

No matter which Filofax I use, no matter how much I put in and take out, two things always seem to make the cut; crunchy bags....


 And one of the steel rods they look out of Ventura's leg.


I was thinking about these weirdo things that make my Filofax feel like home and figured I can't be the only one that keeps screwball bits in my Filofax....  

Well, okay.  I could be the only one that keeps bizarre things in my Filofax...

But probably not.

So I'm throwing out the question...

What's the biggest nutjob in yours?


Susan Mac 6/8/13, 12:18 PM  

I keep coming back to your post to look at Ventura's leg pin. I've read most of your posts on his history-- what an incredible guy he must be. Is he pretty much out of pain now (except for storms)? would you give him a hug for me? Oh yes--you've been there for him 100%. which makes you pretty incredible too.

Tracy Reinhardt 6/8/13, 2:16 PM  

Susan, I am going to give him a hug right now :) As to pain well, he still has pain and wears a leg brace every day. I think that causes him pain also because he's getting calluses on bony points but the joint was collapsing and he was losing muscle in that leg. I haven't actually seen him run since winter and he has had opportunities. He takes anti infammatory meds twice a day and has a separate pain med for days he has difficulty. The thing is he seems like his normal self to me... He's always willing to learn new things, we go to a nursing home to do pet therapy... He seems happy to me all the time. And he's given me far more then I could ever return. I've had him over two years and am grateful for every single day

Jotje 6/10/13, 11:45 AM  

Awww, Tracy, that just brings tears to my eyes. I feel so deeply about my dogs, too. And I'm always delighted when yours make an appearance in your video's! Most people don't even understand why we would take both our dogs to our family vacation. But they are family! I wouldn't leave one of my kids behind, just because it would suit me better?!
While you're at it: give Ventura another hug from me. And the ole girl Ginger aswell. She seems to have such a sweet personality!

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