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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Filofax charms... for my dogs

I'm putting up a new page later today for Filofax Charms (accessible through a link at the top) but wanted to post here first to introduce it.    The explanation as to why I'm doing it will be at the bottom of the new page but I'm putting it here first.  If you want to just see the charms scroll down a bit.

Why I'm doing this...

I've added this page to help me defray the monthly medical costs for Ginger and Ventura which amount to several hundred dollars each month and hopefully donate to Greyhound Friends of New Jersey as well.  I got Ventura through them and they paid several thousand dollars for his first surgery.  I'd like to give something back to them.

Ventura is a registered therapy dog and we visit nursing homes, adult day care centers, and (soon) assisted living facilities.
 Beyond regular vet care Ventura is on several medicines daily for pain and inflammation related to a racing injury he suffered on the track.  The break was left untreated for several months and he's needed four surgeries on his right back leg so far.  He wears a custom orthopedic brace that will hopefully stop the muscle atrophy in that leg and will delay  further surgeries by preventing his join from collapsing any further.

Ginger, my little girl, is twenty now and is having a whole host of medical issues.  She is currently on medicine for seizures, liver disease, arthritis, chronic gum infections, and dementia.  She still enjoys relaxing on the deck in the hot, hot summer. She's much stiffer now but gets around well.  Her cataracts are very bad and she doesn't see (or hear) well anymore but I'm trying to give her at least one more lazy summer on my sunny deck.

Another way to help Ginger and Ventura is by making your Amazon purchases using MY AMAZON AFFILIATE  LINK.

You can use this link to make any and all purchases on Amazon. It won't cost you anything extra and I'll make a small amount for sending you there.

I'm not going to charge a set amount but ask for donations instead.  What I pay to ship varies with weight and location but should cost somewhere between one and two US dollars.   The paypal costs are between three and four percent of the amount plus a $.30 per transaction fee.

Please set your own price using the above as a guide and click the above donate button..  I need to at least cover my costs/fees to make this work.    Anything you send beyond my costs will make a huge difference in the lives of Ginger, Ventura, and I.

Note:  I will try and update immediately.  If two people buy one charm I will send to the first person and refund the other.

Cornflower blue and purple filofax charm

This is a multi-strand charm of cornflower blue and purple beads.  The length of the charm (minus the attached strap) is about 8cm / 3 inches long.

Metallic taupe, bronze, and gold rhinestone filofax charm

This one is spoken for!

Dark teal foil and sea foam filofax charm

This one is about 3 cm / 1.2 inches long (minus the length of the strap).  The beads are a combination of a light, translucent seafoam green and dark teal.  The larger of the teal beads is lined with foil giving it a subtle sparkle.

If there continues to be interest, I will keep making them and if donations work I won't change anything.  If it doesn't I'll update and perhaps move to etsy or ebay.  I'm trying to avoid doing that because there are additional fees involved.

I want to thank everyone for all the sweet feedback about Ginger and Ventura here on my blog, as well as on yourtube and facebook.   They ended up in my videos as a fluke but so many people ask where they are when I don't show them.... Warms my heart.


Rebecca Bover 6/25/13, 9:55 AM  

This is fantastic Tracy and admire you for the work you are doing with the Greyhound program. I would like to get the bronze one but I did not see the paypal button beneath it. Can I use a different one, or does that mean you are sold out of that particular one? Thanks again.

Tracy Reinhardt 6/25/13, 10:10 AM  

Rebecca you can use any of the buttons they aren't linked to an particular charm. I just put multiples buttons up just to make it easier And thank you for what you said honestly he gives me more then visa versa.

Morag 6/25/13, 10:35 AM  

Love this idea Tracy and I will definitely be making a purchase.
Greyhound rescue is so rewarding - there are never enough homes here in the UK and the way some of them are treated when racing is shocking.

Anonymous,  6/25/13, 10:42 AM  

Tracy! What a great idea and so generous of you. Would you take special requests? I'm looking for something with purply beads to match my raspberry Finsbury -with a sun and moon charm, or with hearts and/or a key.

Elizabeth Rema Khawaldeh 6/25/13, 11:14 AM  

Bless you Tracy for loving Ventura & Ginger the way you do.
You are giving them such wonderful care and are providing them a comfortable happy home. I'm sure they love and appreciate you right back :)
Your charms have a special meaning which makes them more lovely.


Tracy Reinhardt 6/25/13, 12:07 PM  

Morag, I realized the other day I didn't think I answered your last letter so I wrote an mailed one. It went out a few days ago so it shouldn't be long! I totally spaced out and think I forgot. Then again, maybe I didn't :) I can't remember.
ether way, it's in the mail :)

Tracy Reinhardt 6/25/13, 12:09 PM  

Janis, I will look around and see what I have and try to do it for you. I have a vintage suitcase FULL of beads, for real! I'll see what I can come up with. I'll send you a picture. If it's not right for you no problem :)

Tracy Reinhardt 6/25/13, 12:11 PM  

Elizabeth, Thank you so much for that comment. I just love them so much. Honestly, I feel like they give me far more then I give them....

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