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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Basic Black

I did a video this morning to follow up my Destressification post.  It serves a duel purpose; first to show the progress I've made in toning (way) down the colors and second as an entry in itsbyemi's contest.

It's not the complete change, there's more to be done, but it's a good start.  I'm really enjoying the monochrome colors, I find them relaxing and classic.  My Portland grand is turning into the perfect little black dress.

All it needs now is a string of pearls and we'd be welcome anywhere. 


MichelleE 6/22/13, 11:48 AM  

Hi Tracy. I enjoyed your video on the Flofax. I've been doing everything on my computer for the last few years and miss my paper planners so much. I've currently got the personal fluorescent pink on order and cannot wait! I wanted to let you know that sells transparent sticky notes in 4 different sizes. I've ordered from them before many times, and they have great products for the planners. The transparent sticky notes are called Tracing Sticky Notes. I'm adding a link but not sure if it will work. Thanks again for your video.

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