The Crazy Suburban Mom: The 2014 Punctuate Binders are up on Barnes and Noble!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The 2014 Punctuate Binders are up on Barnes and Noble!

At the end of 2012 I posted about the Barnes and Noble Punctuate Vinyl Ring binders and so many people loved them.


The 2014 models have been up on the site, but without pictures, for months.  Finally you can see and order them (here).

The thing about these is they are well worth the $8.95 price tag even if you don't plan on using them as a planner because they offer so many things at a great price.  The dividers alone are worth it, they are sturdy and beautiful!  But last year mine also had stickers, a ruler, a credit card holder, a full set of yearly pages plus other information pages (address, for example).

The binder itself is clear vinyl, the design comes from the dividers themselves and you an use the extra binder for archiving old pages or storing unused ones.  They rings match the personal size Filofax.

 You can also cut up the binder cover and punch yourself a new pen loop.  There are so many options with these and I've been waiting to see this years options.  Thought everyone else might want to check them out too.


Amanda Carter 5/17/13, 4:51 AM  

Hi! Am I reading this right if I ordered one of these for shipping to the UK it would cost $7.49 and $5.49? I hate how expensive the postage has gone recently :(

Tracy Reinhardt 5/17/13, 4:52 AM  

Amanda, I haven't looked into international shipping there. But yes, postage has gone up a lot in the last few years...


Tracy Reinhardt 5/17/13, 4:53 AM  

PS when I got a filofax from Filofax Sweden I think the shipping alone was $30

Amanda Carter 5/17/13, 4:58 AM  

I've just brought a filofax from Italy and the shipping cost the same price as the product BUT it was an Amazona (pocket size) on sale for £14 so even paying £28 in total it was still a bargain.
Lol the Internet brings the world closer together but the postal services keep us a little further apart!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/17/13, 5:03 AM  

Amanda, I totally agree about this. And I've found shipping is rarely 'at cost'. There seems to be a minimum that's usually higher then the actual cost.

I always wonder how much profit companies make on the difference between actual and charged shipping.


Claudia Volkman 5/17/13, 6:13 AM  

Tracy, did you get the 18-month calendar or the weekly? They don't show pics of the inside online, so I don't know what's best. I'm wondering if the 18-month comes with M2PP and W2PP? Thanks - what a great price!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/17/13, 6:20 AM  

Claudia, I'm not sure actually. I only got 12 months but everyone else seemed to have 18 which makes me they they are all 18 and someone took out the months prior to the new year. Maybe stole them... I think they all might be more like the 18 month academic planners.

I'm really not sure

Claudia Volkman 5/17/13, 7:31 AM  

Well - for $8.95, one really can't go wrong!

Anonymous,  5/17/13, 8:24 AM  

They are soo awesome! Thanks for letting us know about them. I love a few of them, but can't make up my mind which one I like best!! LOL! I wish they showed a few images of the insides. Maybe I'll just have to go to the store and check them out in real life. I think there is one not too far from me. (I hope there is! Several B&N closed in my area over the past few years.)

Alice Emerald 5/17/13, 10:34 AM  

I have chosen to nominate you for the Liebster Blog award!

Details are on this blogpost;

Tracy Reinhardt 5/17/13, 11:34 AM  

Claudia, so true about the price considering all the things that come with it!

Janis - I don't know if they will be adding images or a better description. They may they did have one last year.

Thanks Alice! I appreciate this :)

Julia 5/18/13, 10:34 AM  

It seems they won't ship this item internationally :-( I've ordered from them before, but with this item it just doesn't come up with a shipping option or allow you to pay, once it knows your address.

I'm pouting--that Moroccan one has my name on her.

TRenae 5/18/13, 6:10 PM  

I have the purple/ owl themed planner and it has served me well. I just got it in March which I believe was the start of their 18 month calendar promotion. The Puntuate paper is nice and you get quite a few pieces for $9.95, including dividers, pen pouch, pen loop, stickers, ruler/today marker, bookmark, and notepad. I got this planner while I waited for my Aston personal Filofax in orchid.

Ms. C 5/20/13, 9:55 AM  

Tracy-great advice-per usual! I'm just deciding which one(s) to get. At that price, you know it will be more than one!

Holli Applegate 5/28/13, 11:32 PM  

So, I couldn't decide which I wanted and went online and pre-ordered 5 different ones..figured I could gift them to the girls I have gotten hooked. I was all excited as they were to ship this week. I received an email that all had been canceled. I stopped at my local B&N and they only had the Moraccan ones. Does anyone know if they will be back in stock????

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