The Crazy Suburban Mom: Stuck on my Filofax Like Dog Hair on Black Pants

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stuck on my Filofax Like Dog Hair on Black Pants

Recently a few really, really good coupons expired before I could use them.  I try to keep up with the expiration dates but the reality is, I just stash them in a random Filofax zip pocket where they immediately  disappear as if I'd thrown them down a black hole in a galaxy far, far away.

I was kind of tapped for ideas until I remembered that post I did about finding my magnetic clip stuck to the ring mechanism.  And no, the plan wasn't to roll up my coupons and store them under the rings. While logistically that could work, I still wouldn't see the darned things in time.

I have a bunch of Rare earth Magnets, bought for crafting.  Rare earth Magnets, also called Neodymium iron boron magnets are crazy strong.  You can find them in a lot of shapes and sizes (the bigger the magnet the more ooomph they have).   I have the teeny disk-shaped ones, 1/4 inch around.

I put the coupons on my flyleaf, stuck a magnet in front and behind (the flyleaf) and Viola!


A magnetic bulletin board hack...

I'm still in the experimental stages here and a stronger (or several) magnets may be needed to keep everything secure but it looks promising.  While I'm testing all this I decided to go with something more secure...


My  Day Runner Storage Pocket didn't have a specific job and mostly hung around smoking and drinking like the delinquent insert it was so I stuck them in there; in case the coupons move around too much.   This way even if they do, I've still got all my too good to miss deals.

I'm really hopeful this will work and so far, so good. My coupons are sticking to my Filofax like dog hair on black pants...

And believe me, I know about dog hair on black pants...


QWERTY 5/9/13, 4:18 PM  


Josh LaPorte 5/9/13, 11:17 PM  

And don't forget about dog hair on navy pants... or dog hair on charcoal pants...

Tracy Reinhardt 5/10/13, 5:13 AM  

qwerty - So far it's working out pretty great! I may need a stronger magnet or a few more of the one's I have but I love this!

Josh, Oh seriously!

Angel Jem 5/11/13, 6:31 AM  

That's white dog hair on black pants? Because white pants is worse, right? Not just hair but dirty feet as well.
Love the magnets btw.

Jotje 5/13/13, 5:17 AM  

.... didn't have a decent jib and mostly hung around smoking and drinking like the juvenile delinquent ...

I'm still laughing with tears about this one!!!!!

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