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Friday, May 17, 2013

Redid my cash envelope system today

My cash envelope system has changed over time.   Each thing I tried worked in some ways, and didn't in others.  My first attempt back in December 2012 was using a regular envelope (hole punched) approximately the same size as personal Filofax pages.


The system itself worked but the envelopes didn't hold up well.  


The second was a Mini Snap Envelope from Staples ( I bought these on clearence and can't find them on so I don't know if they are available anymore).  Punching this one didn't work so I kept it in the back pocket.  It was more sturdy and I loved that it had a snap closure.  I put all money in the envelope and separated it using paper clips.  But on this one there was no easy way to write any information so I attached a post it note to each stack.  

This worked but I liked using separate envelopes with the information written on the outside better.  So I've been on the look out for another way to do it.

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About a week ago I found lots of cash envelope options on Amazon and after looking around I ordered a set of  Spendvelopes.  I thought they might combine the things I liked best about the other things I've tried and they were not expensive ($7.99 USD) 

The set includes twelve spendvelopes in ten different colors ( two are white) so it's easy to distinguish the envelope category.  They are made from card stock which makes them more durable then regular envelopes.

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They are the same size as Filofax pages and I'm tempted to go back to keeping them in the rings. 

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There isn't a closure  but the flap is long.  Here you can see the Filofax paper poking out the bottom.  If I decided to punch these I will need to cut the bottom flap edge off to keep the rings free.

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Under the flap is a record.  I never found a good way to do with and always wanted a record of sorts to keep track.  When I wanted to know what I had, I had to count everything.

My initial impression is that they combine the things I liked about both systems and I love the colors.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I wanted to set these up right away but Ben is graduating college tomorrow and with all the excitement and party prep I've been doing I haven't had the time.  I should get these together by next week and post about them.  So stand by for a follow up post after the graduation hubbub dies down.


Susan Mac 5/17/13, 4:43 PM  

I just ordered some too! I do really like the cash system; it's still painful, but I tell myself it's a good thing.

Susan Mac 5/17/13, 4:45 PM  

Congratulations on the graduation!!!

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