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Friday, May 24, 2013

Random catching up

I bought a set of Spendvelope Cash Envelopes last week and they worked out better then I thought (Don't you love when that happens?) They are the same size as personal Filofax inserts so punching them for use in my Portland Grand is a breeze.  I did have to cut a small bit off the flap (to give the rings room to breath) but it's working perfectly.

Spendvelopes in my filofax

The set includes 12  in different colors with a place under the flap to log money going in and out. And they are sturdy!

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

The next bit of randomness is the Filofax to-do sheets.  I see very few people using them which is odd since we all have them. The problem for everyone seems the same; the line spacing.   I decided to add a middle line and try to make them work ( or at least use them up).

I thought the line spacing was probably equal to two standard Filofax lines but it's more like two line spaces plus a bit more which might be why the sizing feels so off.  I drew a line through the middle and hopefully they will be more functional.

to do sheets in filofax

I'm not using the check boxes to tick off what's done, I'm using it to track my daily water.

This week I had lots of fun decorating for a change.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I haven't done a ton of that lately and I think I know why...  Hadn't gotten anything new in ages and didn't feel inspired.  With the swap I did I got things that made me want to do it again.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

And the cleaning business...  I've done a lot of cleaning lately, so much so that my family noticed!  I've posted the worst of the worst Too Dirty For Words areas (here and here).  I'm pretty embarrassed about those posts and  feel the need to say... My entire house isn't as bad as these first two areas.


After I started this process I bought another copy of Martha Stewart's Housekeeping Handbook I gave away my first copy; at that time 752 pages of cleaning information made my disorganized head feel like it was going to explode.  At least this time I'm ready.  Plus I only paid $10.45 instead of the retail $45.00.

I started reading from the introduction this time, page by page (  I'm at page 31 ) which is just past her checklists.  But I think the checklists might be a good place to start.  Maybe copy, shrink, and punch them into my Filofax?  Haven't gotten there yet but probably next week.

  Because of copyrights I'm not going to print them here but they are all in the book and available on her site at the Martha Stewart Checklists  page.   It's a scroll-able list of the ones in the book (in case you don't want to buy a copy.)

  I'm considering going through the book, cleaning what needs to be cleaned, doing what needs to be done - Basically Martha Stewarting my life... and memorializing it in my Filofax.

Stand by for that!


Songbird68 5/24/13, 6:08 AM  

Another option for the To Do sheets is to draw a vertical line down the center, and add another column of check boxes!

Tracy Reinhardt 5/24/13, 6:09 AM  

I was thinking of doing that, still might! But I try to do things a step at a time....

Josh LaPorte 5/24/13, 8:13 AM  

Hi Tracy!

I was thinking of changing up my budget management too. I keep registers on my checking, savings, and credit card; I am thinking of budgeting a monthly "spend" amount for non-bills and then using one register to track. This would be regardless of method of purchase (i.e. check, cash, credit) and so I would have a realistic knowledge at any given time about exactly how much (or little) money I have for discretionary spending. I think I'll try to set this up over the weekend.

Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

Need to get a letter to you. So much to tell!


Tracy Reinhardt 5/24/13, 8:29 AM  

Josh, I'm so behind on writing you! I've started two already but this week end I have to get one of them done!


Micalela 5/24/13, 8:43 AM has a great cleaning zone print outs. The Messies website also has good info on cleaning & organizing. Good luck. As a born messie married to a Messie I know it can be hard.

Tracy Reinhardt 5/24/13, 8:46 AM  

Micalela, I sympathize. I'm in the same situation! I've followed flylady and seen the messies site (I think I have some books from them) but something about martha appeals to me more - Maybe its because all the info is in one place *the book* and that keeps me off the computer a bit. Once I start surfacing the net I'm distracted for hours!

Anonymous,  6/5/13, 9:28 AM  

just ordered my first set of Spendvelopes for my first filofax! They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...but at age 62 I'm lovin' this little purple book.
love your website too.
you mentioned swap??? for filofax or goodies to put in them?

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