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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Decluttering my Filofaxes

In my decluttering process I've  had to make some difficult decisions.  Some things are easy to toss, others not so much.  I don't have as many Filofaxes as some people but if I'm being honest, and that's the heart of decluttering, I have more then I can reasonably use.

I'm going to let go of The Jolly Green Filofax and my Success Choice Binder but decisions around Mr. Malden are harder.  

I did a revisiting video yesterday and wanted to expand on it a bit here. While my Portland Grand is perfection in almost all ways it's difficult to store printed pages.  I can do some fancy page origami and get almost anything in but accessing the info requires equally fancy reverse origami; okay if I don't want to look at it much but not very workable for things I may need to see everyday. 

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

The problem has mostly to do with Ventura's section, receipts, and things in the home area like recipes and these Martha Stewart check lists I wanted to print.    

I'm working my way through her  Homekeeping Handbook (the checklists are in there) but it's easier to just print them off her website (here). 

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

With Mr. Malden I can print them without changing the size which helps a lot; sizing down to Personal results in pretty small print.   I printed two of the checklists yesterday (double-sided) and they sit nicely in my home section.

So what to do with Mr. Malden?   Well, the plan is to use him exclusively for a week and see what successes (or failures) I encounter.  I've not had a lot of luck running two full planners at once but one main one and one with a specific purpose (like when I used my Pocket Rio as a wallet and Mr. Malden at my main planner) has worked well.

I'd hate to let Mr. Malden go, he's such a work horse.  You can't beat perfect  30 mm rings with a stick and even though I used him exclusively for.... a year? Maybe more...He's showing no wear and remains the good little organizing soldier he was the day we met.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

And P.S. I decided to keep the used-up-gift-card-washi-tape-holder-thingies in the rings after all.  It's an easy way to carry washi tape in a Filofax and I might do a few more, one color theme per card.  I cut slits in the holes so I can move the card easily from one day to the next.


Filo Cuteness 5/30/13, 12:06 AM  

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DEM 6/1/13, 1:08 PM  

I really like your idea for carrying around your washi tape! Great way to re-purpose something!

LJ 6/2/13, 9:48 AM  

You´re rehoming the Jolly Green Giant :-( He is too lovely!!!

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