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Friday, May 3, 2013

Cooking with... Filofax

Keeping recipes in my A5 was a breeze and worked. Period. I could write them, print them, stick magazine pages in there... It was perfect.  I didn't have a big section; recipes I frequently used, wanted to try, and general cooking methods.

chicken recipe filofax section

 Several months ago I moved into personal size and couldn't figure out what to do about recipes.  I didn't want to rewrite everything, I really didn't think it would be as efficient on small pages.

Yesterday I added a recipe to my personal but I'm not sold on the way I did it.   I'm looking for ideas other people have for keeping recipes.  If you have a great method please shoot it my way.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

Instead of a whole recipe section I just stuck it behind the 'QR' tab.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I printed it as a 3 x 5 inch recipe card, it took two 'sides'.  Some recipes are too long to do this (you get a third side) but this one worked.  

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

I tacked the two sides together with Nichiban Tape (Love this! and it's refillable)and sealed off the edges with Washi Tape (because a day with out Washi Tape is like a day without sunshine) and attached it to the page along the top edge only so I could flip the recipe.

I'm not sold on it because it's not as practical or as big.   In my A5 I put the recipes pages in the plastic sleeves (the packing, really) that inserts come in.  They are the perfect size and free.  While they aren't durable like a top opening envelope, say....  They are good enough to use with something you're going to just put in and leave it that way.

When I wanted to use one I took the entire page and brought it to the kitchen.  Since it was covered with plastic it was safe from cooking spills.   If I can't make recipes work in my personal well, que sera sera...  It's not a deal breaker.  But if anyone has success with this I'd love to hear your ideas.


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