The Crazy Suburban Mom: And in this one, I'm giving away a Filofax!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And in this one, I'm giving away a Filofax!


Andrea Grosser 5/22/13, 7:21 PM  

Was looking for the information bar so I would know how to enter. I know you said you were busy. So I'm just leaving my "ooh I would love to win it" comment here. Thank you.

Thomas A. Marino 5/23/13, 2:26 PM  

I am a planner addict and would love a planner.

Tracy Reinhardt 5/24/13, 7:12 PM  

Anna, you need to enter on the youtube page, if you click the video, the the youtube logo on the bottom right of the frame it will take you there.... Thomas, did you enter on youtube??

Kathy Rodgers 5/25/13, 10:21 PM  

I also cannot figure out how to enter.I tried what Tracy said,but I can't find the YouTube logo. I would live to own a Filofax.

Ariana Reed 5/28/13, 2:29 PM  

It's beautiful!!! I entered on Youtube. Thanks Tracy!

P.s. Who is Ideasnetwork?! I wanna be friends LOL!

Mishay36 5/28/13, 5:28 PM  

Lovely, please enter me into your giveaway. I love this! ♥

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