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Monday, April 29, 2013

Yeah. I know what it is now...

Ever since using a Filofax I've had the same basic set up.  I've changed brands, types of paper, and binder sizes, but never the core setup.

Filofax a5 compared with a Midori Traveler's Notebook

Whatever variable I used there was always some sort of page to capture daily things interwoven between two  weekly pages for set appointments and a year on a page for a long-term overview.


Last month (or two months ago, I can't remember. It's sort of a blur) I added the Vertical Month on two Pages (and took out my weekly inserts because they seemed redundant).  I liked the month tabs and there was more room on them then there is on the yearly one page insert.  I stopped doing the yearly page almost  immediately and couldn't figure out why.  I mean I've used the yearly for five of six years and loved it.

More #filofax drawing to remind me to try on a dress I have to wear this weekend #filofaxart

Something nagged at me about my new monthly pages from the very first day.  I thought it was because I never found a way to use them that made me happy.

I had no real plan so they ended up a jumbled mess of random notes and shorthand.  But no, it wasn't the lack of aesthetics that was getting to me and when I got the voice mail from my indignant  Doctor telling me, "Hello....You were due here twenty minutes ago and, Where are you?" I knew.

The old set up worked because I was constantly seeing the weekly sheets which were  home to all future commitments.  I used daily sheets but because they were between the two halves of each week I viewed what I'd committed to many, many times.   And while I know many professional organizers extol the virtues of cutting out steps - Repetition is my bag.

Month on two page inserts sat on either side of my daily pages but there was rarely a need to even look at them and that was the problem.   I didn't.

Because my weekly inserts cuddled the daily sheets they were always nearby to nag me.  Happy little accidents of, Oh! Yeah... I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

So this morning I put the weekly inserts back in and took out the monthly pages.   I'm sure it will take me a little time to recalibrate, it always does.  It was an interesting lesson for me though and it seems where the pages are matters quite a lot. In some cases where is more important then what...

BeFunky Crop on iPhone

 And the more frequently I trip over them the better.


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