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Friday, April 26, 2013

Too dirty for words...

I tweeted recently about my new organizing strategy since my old one (keep what I love, ditch the rest) is an abysmal failure.  

I'm a woman who loves too much.

From now on I'm going Rambo in the war on clutter and instead of keeping what I love, I ask myself, Would I replace this if there was a fire?  Thinking about it that way gave me a lot of insight. There is very little I'd repurchase. 

But stuff is only one problem and despite reorganizing constantly most things need redoing in short order. I took a look at this problem, walked around my house with new eyes looking for what works.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

The  fork drawer works.  I may never know where to find a scissor but the forks are always in a perfectly sized, exactly shaped  slot.  Sometimes I need to remove excess things from this drawer but finding a fork is a no brainer.

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

Just three feet away is the junk drawer.  Despite having sections like the fork drawer everything ends up in here and it constantly needs redoing.  The answer isn't better sectioning,  storage bins, or more space but  designating the drawer to specific items. Only.  

I don't store pork chops in the fork drawer but I will stuff anything in the junk drawer.

Another thing that's easy to find are keys, they hang on hooks next to the door.  There are a lot of these things around for keys and I picked one with a decorative door knob to manage Ventura's lease.

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It's simple, lives exactly where I need to drop keys and appeals to me, which means I keep using it. Plus  I'm never tempted to use it for anything else so the system maintains itself. 

Sitting just below  Keychain Nirvana is this horror show...

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

The mushroom cloud.

I noticed what works doesn't collect excess stuff but what doesn't has it's own gravitational pull much like Earth's atmosphere only less efficient. 

 When Earth pulls in debris it has the good manners to burn up before impact.  In the case of stuff caught in the gravitational pull of  inefficient spaces it just collects.   As exampled by the mail table which collects everything from an external hard drive, to a telescope, to macadamia nuts.  

So, where to go with this?   And does anyone want to join me? 

  My plan for the week is to find something small that doesn't work and fix it.... But only after careful consideration.  I don't want to declutter just because a space is too dirty for words and my head will explode if I don't.   I want a permanent solution.   

BeFunky Orton on iPhone

 I'm thinking, purse.

If anyone wants to pick a small area, find a solution (or just document your progress), I'll link to your blog post.  Just email the link ( info behind the contact tab above) to your small project and I'll include it the next time I do one of these.   

Maybe we can learn from each other.

11 Comments: 4/26/13, 12:28 PM  

I actually have a draft of a blog post about solving the "hot spot" problem once and for all. I know exactly what you're talking about, both with the "a place for everything and everything in its place" and stopping the madness of reorganizing the same space over and over. I have a few areas like that. And I do get sick of doing them over and over again. I want them fixed once and for all.

Tracy Reinhardt 4/26/13, 12:30 PM  

If you want send me that link and when I follow up this post I'll link to you. I'd love to make sure I don't miss the post too so even if you don't want the link I want to see it!

kanalt 4/26/13, 12:55 PM  

I am in the process of working on a number of projects. But I wouldn't call them small. Some are, others are not. But of course when I start one thing, it leads to another, and in such a way that one thing can't be done until the other thing. So I have a list going and will cross them off as they get done. I will be doing posts about these projects as they ate completed, but I'm no where near ready to post them yet. Keep a look out!

Tracy Reinhardt 4/26/13, 5:53 PM  

Kanalt, That's how I am. I start in one room, find something that needs to go to a different room and then I'm in the second room for an hour before I realize I got nothing done in room number 1. ugh

LJ 4/27/13, 2:17 AM  

I have so many areas that have this problem. Even in my room where I have a big Expedit shelf unit with boxes I am totally disorganised. I know that this is mainly because, despite having bought the boxes, I haven't decided what each should contain and labelled them. The 2 boxes that have been labelled are working fabulously, all the others... not so much :-)

Tracy Reinhardt 4/27/13, 2:47 AM  

LJ, That sounds like me. Also I buy containers, fill them and then forget what's in them. Or never look in them again. If more storage isn't the answer, what is? I just decided to so small thing and hopefully will remember what's where and build up to more and more functional areas

LJ 4/27/13, 2:51 AM  

I'm hoping that once I decide what I'm going to use each box for then it'll all be OK - unfortunately the amount of procrastination that it will no doubt take to make that decision seems to be my biggest problem :o) The fact that 2 of the blocks of space in my storage unit have been filled up by the Filofaxes that won't fit in the display case really isn't helping - I really need to do something to sort that out... :-)

Tracy Reinhardt 4/27/13, 3:11 AM  

LJ, things I love - like Filofaxes - are huge problems for me. It's why I wrote this post. Writing helps me sort things out in my mind. And why I'm trying to change the way I do things. I have a few filofaxes but not as many as most people... When I look at them I think oh I love them but would I replace them with the exact same models if I lost them - Um... Two of them. Maybe. So I'm torn about them - Should I keep them or sell them? I don't know. It's all very frustrating and filofaxes are only one issue

Gabriele Agustini 4/28/13, 1:07 AM  

You crack me up!! That's why I love popping in here!! You never disappoint!! :)

MySummerTouch 4/28/13, 8:25 AM  

I have the same kind of drawer, where EVERYTHING goes. If I need to place somerhing somewhere -it goes there. Ijust this week organized it. I wanted to make a video, but it didn't happen. I can make one as an afterwards, if you want. I took a small narrow boxes, put them in the drawers as dividers. Then took out everything, sorted it. Put things in different places where was a more logical place for my mind. Thenput what was left inside the drawer. The bad news that I need to organize other places. The good news is that this drawer is more than half empty. Although it has been several days and it starts to fill! I felt much better after doing it, and it took less time than I thought it should have taken!

Tracy Reinhardt 4/29/13, 8:58 AM  

Gabriele, Thank you :) I try to lighten up the pain ... And all the clutter is a pain!

My Summer Touch - I think everyone has that kind of drawer! I'd like to see the video - tips on cleaning are always appreciated!

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