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Monday, April 22, 2013

Texting about my underpants...

With all the room I have in my Portland Grand I've added some things back into my Filofax. They tended to be things I missed having  and seemed to appeal to others as well.  A few of these things people ask me about them every time I include them in a post or video so I decided to include Amazon links because Amazon is pretty easy and fast especially with Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping and there is a 30 day free trial).  You can't beat free with a stick...

Amazon also now has a department called Amazon International so even if you aren't in the US there are shipping options. There is a search bar on the page I linked to where you can check if any item you want is available.

The Day Runner Storage Pockets might be the thing I get most questions about.  They are very handy, come in a set, are great to add an adhesive pen loop to, and are very affordable!

Moving on the the pen loop I attached to the above pocket...  I found mine at Staples, they keep them with the ARC supplies. They must be a really popular item because there was only one lonely loop left.  I decided to look on Amazon because the selection was bigger and found a Kikkerland Leuchtturm1917 Self Adhesive Pen Loop  and there are others by several brands so Amazon is a surer bet when looking at for pen loops.

Ever since I showed the Clear Filofax Ruler  that came with my Portland Grand people have been asking about that also.  It's hard to know if it's the same ruler but the price is sure right!

Someone (I think Christa) sent me a magnetic clip and I've found them really handy for grouping pages together; things like past dated pages as well as future pages. I think this Small Oliclip set has clips the same size as mine.  There are bigger Oliclips if you need to group more pages then I do.  I really like these clips a lot, they take up more space then a magnetic bookmark but hold a lot of pages together so they are worth the room they take.

Judith sent me a goody bag recently - Speaking of Magnetic Clips - And they are thinner then the above clips and great for marking individual pages instead of a tab.  Loving them!  They are very much like these....

The flat magnetic clips take almost no room and are great to 'tag' pages I need to refer to often.  I can put them on in a second and slip them off when I don't need to refer that specific page anymore.

I always get questions about the K&Company Swatch Smash tape.  It's not shiny like some deco tape but the finish isn't as flat as Washi Tape, it's sort of a combination.   It can be written on with some (not all) pens.

What I love most is that there are multiple designs on each roll.

And last my iHome Stylus Pen.  It has made onscreen text SO much easier. Maybe it's just me but entering text in my iPhone is a hassle.   Between the mechanics of actually doing it and predictive texting it's always a time consuming, big ol' hot mess. 

 I once sent someone a text that claimed  I couldn't meet them because my panties were too big of a mess.... when what I meant was I couldn't make our appointment because I was reorganizing my kitchen pantry. 

 I bought two of these, the one above is nice and thin for Filofax loops and the bigger gel pen/ stylus combo  fits in larger, elastic loops (and writes beautifully).  Another nice thing about these is they keep my gunky fingers off the screen and it stays cleaner.

There are a lot of benefits to these pens but the biggest might be, from this day forward there will be no further texts about the state of my underwear.

And that is priceless...


Morag 4/22/13, 12:14 PM  

Hilarious!!! 'my panties are in a mess' can't stop laughing at this.

Tracy Reinhardt 4/22/13, 12:15 PM  

Morag! LOL, I know... mortifying but hysterical in retrospect!

cutiece 4/22/13, 1:25 PM  

Thank you for this list. I'm new to filofax and this list is helpful to find items I want to purchase. I have the Day Runner storage pockets. I wished they made them for the pocket size filofax. Some of items on your list I will be purchasing them.

Tracy Reinhardt 4/22/13, 1:33 PM  

Cutiece, Your so welcome! Every once in a while I try to post products that are working as opposed to new things I just bought. Hearing about new things is a lot of fun, but sometimes they don't always work out.

So I try and post every few months about things that worked in the beginning and still are!

Steve Morton 4/22/13, 3:12 PM  

Is it ok to look yet?

Tracy Reinhardt 4/22/13, 3:20 PM  

Steve, absolutely! And PS - predictive text is yet another reason I'd rather write with a pen :)

Cruz Johnson 10/22/13, 1:06 AM  

Does the clear ruler that came with your Portland Grand have a model number or trademark year on it, Tracy? I LOVE my 1991 black ruler (133609, the same model number in use today), and an identical clear version would be GREAT!

Tracy Reinhardt 10/22/13, 7:16 AM  

Cruz - I'm not sure where it is, it cracked pretty soon - It's a much sturdier plastic, or whatever the material is and didn't have the give for taking in and out of rings. If I find it, I'll give you a shout.


Cruz Johnson 10/22/13, 7:17 AM  

Thanks; I really appreciate it.

Tracy Reinhardt 10/22/13, 7:21 AM  

I love the way it looked but within very few weeks it cracked around one of the holes - I hadn't even used it much. I don't know if it just dried out from being old or it was always too stiff to be moved around much. I wonder if you posted a 'wanted' on philofaxy adspot? Maybe someone has one they aren't using?

Bellas Shelf 8/23/14, 10:04 PM  

the dayrunner envelopes rock!! I got my first personal sized Apex on Friday. I went to Staples and luckily I was able to get Calendar inserts and these storage envelopes by day runner. I was so excited that I found something from another branch to fit my filofax personal.

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