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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swan song...

I'll be the owner of a Portland Grand anytime now so I did a video for posterity....


Folio 4/11/13, 7:27 PM  

Since you seem to enjoy using fountain pens, wet highlighters etc - Have you ever tried tamoe river paper? It is not all that easy to get hold of and its not the cheapest. The agenda inserts for the agendas called Davinci by Raymay Fujii in Japan are mostly made of this paper. Their equivalent of the filifax personal size inserts are called Bible size - they do diary refills, lined and plain paper etc. With some difficulty I managed to get some of these from Japan (try the global rakuten website). If nothing else its is funny to try to work out the strange english you get from japanese to english translations. Not refills as such but another source of tamoe river paper in the USA can be found through the fountainpennetwork. If you searc on that website for tamoe river paper you will see how much fountain pen users rave about it. It is very fine paper so you can fit a lot of it into a filofax. Although fine it does not feather or bleed through with fountain pen ink (though there is some ghosting) and as a bonus some FP inks have a beautiful gold or pink shimmer on this paper. I love it.

Folio 4/11/13, 8:00 PM  

On the other hand have you tried the gel Highlighters which are made by companies like OHTO, Sharpie and (I think) Staedler which are kind of like kids crayons? They are not so great at giving straight defined highlights but they are supposed to avoid ink smear and I don't think they are so inclined to bleed through paper. Some of the can be found on Jetpens.

This is my thank you for sourcing the crime scene tape and because I really enjoy your creative and artistic approach - like adjusting the backing of a note book with elastic grip to hold filofax pages - so inventive and clever or sticking stickers on stickers! Just love it. By the way isn't the pastel pen for writing on dark paper...?

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