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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On Ring Size and Baby's Butts...

After a year of trying I found a Filofax Portland Grand (via Philofaxy adspot) and  it's currently winging it's way to me from the UK.   Fortunately, I can gaze upon it's loveliness  thanks to pictures the seller sent me.


It's also now my desktop.


The Grand is almost identical to the one I have except the inside of my brown one reads: Filofax Personal Portland Real Leather.


While the Grand announces it's grandiosity front and center.


From what I've  seen online the layout is the same and the GRAND part is about the rings.  (And really, isn't it all about the rings when you get down to it?)    The Portland grand rings are supposed to be 30 mm but this is where I get confused. 

I thought I had a Portland Grand for a long time because my rings measure just over an inch from the outside ring edges.  I never know if ring size is measured from the outside edge or the inside one.   (Measuring from the inside ring edges gets me about 7/8 inch.)

Googling the actual Portland ring measurements gets me a variety of answers, anywhere from 19 to 25 mm.  I have a feeling the differences are a result of  how accurate the  initial measurement is, whether people measured external or internal dimensions and  that they are converting fractions of inches to percents of inches  before finally getting to millimeters. 

It's all just too much math and allows way too many places for calculation errors.  

How big they are, I have no idea, but it will be GRAND to have the another Filofax with Little Eff rings...


And a cover soft as a baby's butt.


Alan Marshall 4/9/13, 9:20 AM  

The Standard Portland has 23mm rings and the Grand has 30mm. Ring measurements are based on the interior diameter.

Tracy Reinhardt 4/9/13, 9:23 AM  

Thanks very much for this Alan! I will have to grab a metric ruler and see how mine measures up.

Steve Morton 4/9/13, 10:28 AM  

Yes all ring sizes are internal diameter measured in mm, the US site get the conversion wrong nearly every time.

And you will see why here:


Tracy Reinhardt 4/9/13, 10:32 AM  

Steve, Ai yi yi! What a big mess... I can see why after looking at that post but really! It makes figuring out very very hard!!
I can see now why there are so many numbers for the same ring size.

MySummerTouch 4/9/13, 12:53 PM  

Is it a personal size? 4/9/13, 3:49 PM  

I've always wondered how ring size is measured, too. I've never been able to get my measurements to match the website's measurements.

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