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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The crime scene tape....

So many people asked about the crime scene tape in my Filofax I wanted to post about it.


 I bought it in Cape May, New Jersey (in a toy shop of  all places!) but found it online.  The brand is Archie McPhee and there is a website.  Unfortunately they only ship to the US but I did find it at a random store so this might be available thorough a different seller.  The link for the tape is HERE but they have other fun things...

Like the bio-hazard tape...

 And the bags to disguise your lunch.

 Anita, these are calling your name! 

 And so are these...  In fact there is a whole Mustache Shop.

In general they have seriously wacky stuff, some of which could be used in Filofax.

And some is just wacky...


mary jane ong 3/26/13, 2:08 PM  

which toy store? at the washington mall?

Tracy Reinhardt 3/26/13, 2:10 PM  

Mary Jane - Yes. I don't remember the name though - it was a toy store though. This was with other things by the same brand
Tracy 3/26/13, 4:49 PM  

AWESOME!!! I am going to have to hunt some down in the UK!!! :D

Tracy Reinhardt 3/27/13, 8:10 AM  

Jarfm! I know! Isn't that fun!!

Anita Lim 3/30/13, 8:31 AM  

Thank you for the mention!
Am loving those moustache items :)

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