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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I have no explanation for it.

Been in Cape May, New Jersey the last few days.


It's pretty cold this go around so we took in the beach from afar.


What a fun place this would be for a meet-up! 


I brought all my Filoprenalia with me (of course!) and even though there's no Filofax retailers around here I managed to find something I had to have...But I'll get back to that...

These are the curtains in my room.


Remind you of anything?


How 'bout now, close up and flipped....



As to what I got.


I have no explanation for it....


Amanda 3/23/13, 5:22 PM  

Hahaha I love that tape, maybe because I'm a CSI fan!

Josh LaPorte 3/23/13, 6:24 PM  

I love your pictures!

LJ 3/24/13, 3:12 AM  

Who needs an explanation when it is so awesome?!!!

Folio 3/24/13, 9:15 AM  

Where did you get that tape and who makes it? Love it!

paperscribe 3/24/13, 10:33 AM  

That makes me chuckle. Will watch for that. 3/24/13, 4:23 PM  

LOVE the CSI tape!!! Think I might have to get myself some of it! :)

mary jane ong 3/25/13, 2:43 PM  

heh! i was there this weekend too.. mostly to do the Cape May 10 miler but what a coincidence!

Helen L Conway 3/26/13, 2:03 PM  

Filophrenalia is a great word!!

Helen L Conway 3/26/13, 2:04 PM  

Filophrenalia is a great word!!

Angel Jem 3/26/13, 8:03 PM  

That tape is cool!

Jotje 3/27/13, 3:43 AM  

Love the Chameleon curtains (I saw it right away, he he).
Cool tape indeed, LOL!

Cheryl 4/1/13, 5:02 AM  

Did you go to a shop called Across The Way? I order my Lenny & Eva bracelets from there. They have the BEST customer service. Very fast shipping, nice packaging, etc. I've always wanted to visit Cape May...its about 10 hours from me; someday I hope to get there. Love the tape and those curtains!

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