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Friday, March 8, 2013

Attaboy, Staples!

While my cash envelope system is working out well, I'm not happy with the envelopes.   Regular paper envelopes don't hold up and the vinyl zipper pouches are too fiddly.   I looked around online but durable, close-able envelopes in a  Filofax personal size weren't forth coming...

I took a ride to Staples yesterday to see what they had and I may have found something I can work with (on clearance too!)


On an end-cap I found cheerful, vinyl envelopes for fifty cents each.   I bought too many because that's the right thing to do when you find something useful for fifty cents.


For now, I took all the money, put it in one envelope, and slid it in to the back slip pocket.  It's a great size for a personal size Filofax and holds quite a lot.  Using one of these per money category would take up too much room but one envelope for all of it may work out very well.

And since I was there anyway....


I looked around to see what was new.   I really like the additions to the  Martha Stewart Home Office line, particularly these bulletin boards.


There were a lot of Martha-like storage solutions...


That aren't Martha at all.

Staples seems to be actively targeting woman these days, due I'm sure, to the popularity of the Martha Stewart Home Office Line.  There was more geared to us gals then I've ever seen before and to that I say, Yay!... And what took you so long?


As to the prevailing colors this season, while still bright,  they have a softer edge and that makes me very happy. Day-glo works my last nerve. 


I found something I've been looking for for quite some time, Highlighter sticky tabs.  Post - It and ARC make some and I bought both.


Ideally, these would be twice as long but I was happy to find them at all.    Not all high lighter pens work well on paper and I thought high lighting with tape might be a neater solution. 

The only type I've located was in a school supply type place but it's a bit on the expensive side for something I'm not sure will work for me (check out what I've been looking at here).

And I finally found the adhesive pen loops I've seen on lots of blog posts.


I figured my Staples didn't carry them but turns out they keep them with the ARC supplies.  Since I've never been in that department, I never found any.  I had high hopes for this....   The plan was for it to hold my Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen

But unfortunately it's not elastic enough.   Definitely worth the $1.99 price tag but a bit too small for my four color Coleto situation.

All in all a fun, productive office supply field trip and I'm so glad to see a move towards practical, attractive office supplies.  A big ATTABOY! to Staples for that....


Andrea Mocko 3/8/13, 8:54 AM  

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Staples lately. When the Martha Stewart line first came out, I was incredibly disappointed because none of the stores close by (we have a ton) stocked the line. The last time I stopped by our local store, they had a whole two aisles of MS stuff including furniture. The Arc line has also been a pleasant addition. Of course, none of this is good for my wallet, but I'm sure Staples doesn't mind.

Jennifer Bunagan Reyes 3/8/13, 9:04 AM  

I was looking for that pen loop too. Good thing you mentioned it and how it doesn't fit the coleto. Thanks!

Josh 3/8/13, 10:54 AM  

My beef with Staples is that I can't find anything in the store. I've been to two local shops and I wander and wander and wander and just can't find what I'm looking for. It seems like they have strange organization conventions which just don't make sense to me.

You're right, colors are softening. It's a good thing, but some of the Martha Stewart stuff is too toned down for my taste. I like clean, clear colors.

I LOVE seeing how you take all this regular stuff and put it together is such creative ways!

Carla H. 3/9/13, 1:32 AM  

I just love your blog post titles. Have you tried the Leuchtturm adhesive pen loops? They look a lot like the staples ones but they hold my BIC multipen which is pretty wide. I've never seen the Coleto in person but it looks as though they could be the same width. I was very happy to have found them at my local Container Store as I know they're only available online. I don't know if you guys have one where you live.

Cheryl 3/10/13, 4:14 PM  

This is neither here nor there but I find the office supply stores so ugly and uninviting. I suppose if they were better looking the prices would be outrageous. Love the variety of things you can find at Office Depot, Office Max and Staples. But when you walk into an Office Depot or Office Max the blinding bright light in the dank warehouse makes me stop in my tracks. And don't get me started on the ugly carpeting in Staples. Last time I went I wanted to run screaming from the store! But I digress. Staples has awesome stuff in those 'sale' or dollar bins. I love browsing through those.

MySummerTouch 3/10/13, 10:08 PM  

I'm glad you're able to find things that you want! I loved Staples when i lived in US! Wanted to live there! :)

J 3/13/13, 5:16 PM  

Of course I was just in Staples yesterday and didn't see any of these fabulous things- I guess I'll just have to go back!

Oh, and I ended up giving up on store bought pen loops for my Coleto (also the 4 color). I just made a loop out of washi tape and taped it in with Scotch tape. It's held up for several months now!

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