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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Upcycling Guts

While I was wracking my brain trying to work out a place in my Filofax for nutrition info (and thanks everyone for your suggestions!) I realized I hadn't entirely used that Punctuate Vinyl Planner from Barnes and Noble.

I bought it back in November and at the time it wasn't available online but I had another look just because and what do you know?  The 2014 versions are available for pre-order (May 28, 2013 release date.)   The downside is there are no pictures yet but I bookmarked the page (here) to go back at the end of May.  They are priced at $8.95 which is a STEAL considering all the pages and extras included (dividers, ruler, sticker, zip pocket and more).

This post isn't really about that but I know a lot of people liked them so I wanted to pass on the link.

I used a lot of the extras that came with the planner but still had the planner itself...


So I chopped it up this weekend.

BeFunky Viewfinder 6 on iPhone

The back cover has a pen loop so now I have an extra one!


I cut the cover off, punched it and cut slits so it's removable.  I put some of my nutrition info in the half pocket and until I figure out what to do permanently, this will work.


Since I had the other cover I made a  brandy new, clear, dot covered bookmark.  I kinda love the dots and being able to reuse old parts in new ways gives me the giggles!


Imogen Callaway 2/26/13, 3:53 AM  

That is a really genius idea!!! :D

I wish I had one I could cut up and create extras... I do have a Funfax like that but too scared to cut it up!!!

Inserts in post TODAY!!!!!!!

<3 xxxx

Tracy Reinhardt 2/26/13, 3:59 AM  

Imy, I can try and get you one when they come into to the stores? I'm not sure what they will have this year but last year there were purses/shoes, geisha girl, the one I have which is a design and hmm... another design mostly purple. I don't know if they change yearly... but I can look around in May??? Let me know

Robyn Placek 2/26/13, 3:19 PM  

Oooh, great idea! I have one of those (got the idea from you)just sitting unused, I may have to attempt this!

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