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Friday, February 22, 2013

um... Help?

I've been using the two page per day undated personal day planner ( $4 for 20 sheets pack on the US Filofax website) and I really like them.

The left side page is a plain lined format and the right is broken up into sections.  I don't pay any attention to how the sections are titled; in mine the top section is personal items I need to do daily, the second is a food log and the third are things I need to do/buy that day (usually groceries).


I don't know why this is working for me but it is, in a big way. It might be because the separation of topics making it very easy to figure out what's going on in my day... But I'm not totally sure.  This isn't a format that's ever worked before.  

What I need help with is the food diary (the arrowed section).   I write what I eat and nutrition information; that part is fine.  I need to figure out how to include a reference list of common foods I eat.  When I first started I was just flipping back to find the items on other days but as it's been going on that's a lot of flipping every time I log something in. 

Since the list will get bigger every time I add a new item, it needs to be expandable and I want to be able to move it from one day to the next without having to open the rings.   I've tried several things and nothing is working for me  so....

Help.... anyone?


lorena milky 2/22/13, 7:06 AM  

Maybe you could attach it to a today ruler so you can snap it off with out opening the rings? Good luck!

Elizabeth Gonz├ílez 2/22/13, 7:17 AM  


I'm glad this is working for you :)

The moment I saw your problem a few things came into my head but the most important you already answered, you wanted it to be movile.

I thought:

-maybe a list in white or another color thin cardboard with washi tape to protect the holes, slice to be able to change them day after day..

-daytimer hotlist or a big sticky to your today ruler..

-a section only for that since you said the list will grow..

Hope this help :)

Hugs and kisses


Clareio 2/22/13, 8:03 AM  

my first thought was scrap the nutrition information and use myfitnesspal on the computer/on iPhone to record it instead, the majority of foods are in there complete with nutrition information (and calories) and it has a weight tracker aswell.

Imogen Callaway 2/22/13, 9:11 AM  

Hellllo TRACY!!!!!!

I don't know if I can help you with that, but on a today ruller sounds like a wonderful idea?? Like Lorena said above


Do you want some more of these sheets, and some other bits you may use???

I have a pack of these sheets that I will never use and would love to give them to you???

You know where I am ;) xxxx

LiisaB 2/22/13, 11:07 AM  

Hi Tracy,

I have a food log in my FILO, too! I keep the nutrition info filed in my A-Z tabs. For instance " bread" is under "B", laughing cow cheese is under " C " for cheese or "D" for,dairy. I like the idea Of keeping the log on the current day instead of a separate section like I have. I have my first FILO, a Domino Personal, I purchased 2 weeks ago!!! I love your blog!

Lisa 2/22/13, 2:52 PM  

A separate address book for foods. I did that when I was following Weight Watchers years ago. It works great!

Helen 2/23/13, 1:10 AM  

Hm... I have a movable task tab (Ray Blake´s idea - and it works excellent. It sounds like you need something like that, but the size of the whole page.
So I suggest using a card, but before punching the holes I recommend reinforcing the punched part with non-paper tape from both sides.

Alternatively, you could just buy a flyleaf from filofax and stick/tape your reference sheet to it.

Cheryl 2/23/13, 5:38 AM  

I was thinking of trying to make a form in landscape format then printing on letter or legal size paper then folding it accordion style similar to the yearly foldout planner. As I'm not adept at making my own inserts I haven't tried it yet but I also need a place for food lists for gluten free eating. There are some other good ideas here. Anxious to see what you come up with.

MySummerTouch 2/23/13, 6:40 AM  

Use a sticky note and place it on the day you're on, move it every day!

Jotje 2/23/13, 10:49 AM  

I would go with a pouch page finder from Franklin covey. You can slide in a piece of paper and can read both the front and back.

I wanted to add that I also have those Day Planner sheets from my FF says. Want them for free? Mail me.

Mary 2/23/13, 5:53 PM  

I also use the alphabet(address book)section to keep track of the foods I normally eat. It was an easy thing to write them in their appropriate place and find them again when needed.

Tracy Reinhardt 2/24/13, 6:27 AM  

Thank you so much everyone! I'm thinking about all of these! It never occurred to me to use an address book and its a great idea! And I forgot about those pouch page finder things - Don't have one but that might work really well! While I'm deciding I'm rigged up something between a pocket and pouch - Good thing is it has a penlook - bad thing is it's a little bulky. I really don't know what to work so I'm printing out the comments and thinking before I decide!

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