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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The big clipper

A few weeks ago Christa sent me a magnetic clip.  I'd wanted one for oh! Ages to keep my diary pages in a tidy lump!  I also have a lot of loosely related single pages, lists of different topics, that need to live together as a group of lists in my Filofax ....but it's hard to find individual pages through the haystack.

I've always been an enthusiastic grouper of things and I especially love paper clips. Not so much the one's shaped like say, trombones though.  I like unusual, but still paper clipish, paper clips.


The one on the right is called an owl paper clip and the top one I got in a vintage button box last year, it's called a ring clip.  I love the ring clip design, they are very secure,  but I never found more.  Until last week...


Searching Etsy  under the tag Vintage with the words "round paper clips" I found a listing for an entire box of them ($5.95) They are a scoochy bit bigger then mine (which is a positive) and I received them yesterday.  

It can be hard to find unusual items like this, it takes a bit of waiting and searching.... Waiting and searching....The owl clips are available online but the ring clips were harder to get hold of.  


Because I needed something while waiting for the vintage ones to surface and while deciding about more magnetic clips, I turned to Staples and found Klix.  They are a one-piece clamp type clasp and hold more pages then standard paper clips but less then a magnetic clip (but they take up less rooms then the magnetic ones).   They are on Staples online, Amazon and come in a variety of configurations and colors.

 I did the happy clip dance all day yesterday as I grouped and regrouped all kinds of pages together.  And I know, the clip thing is a bit of a weird office supply fetish but there are worse obsessions.


Susan Mac 2/5/13, 9:42 AM  

Ok-- I gotta say that I absolutely love the way your mind zoops around. You give me all sorts of ideas. I love your filo pages. I would say something really icky, like I wait with baited breath for your next blog, but fortunately I'm a really dignified old lady and can't. But I do.

Tracy Reinhardt 2/5/13, 9:48 AM  

Susan, Thank you so much for that compliment! You made my day for real


Frederique 2/5/13, 1:51 PM  

Hello Tracy,

I have seen the Midori D-Clips several times in the Vitra Design Museum shop in Weil Am Rhein (Germany, close to where I live in France), and believe me, it WAS hard to resist buying them all :

Bunnies ! Hippos ! Ducks ! AW MY GOD, cuteness attack :)

Problem is, I wouldn't want to use them on papers I should be giving away, and they're too cute to be used for paper storage. See the dilemma, here ?

Cheryl 2/6/13, 2:24 AM  

Oh my is right! Cuteness abounds. Love how you group your pages. Susan, gotta say I laughed out loud (in bed in the middle of the night) after reading your comment and Frederique...seriously, wow...thanks for enabling with that link! :)

Sandra 2/6/13, 6:23 AM  

I feel like I've found my way home lol . Someone who thinks like me ... Yipeeeee

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