The Crazy Suburban Mom: Overcooked potatoes and Filofax with a side order of enabling

Monday, February 4, 2013

Overcooked potatoes and Filofax with a side order of enabling

I changed to my A5 last week because I wanted to carry Ventura's pet therapy paperwork without shrinking down a ton of 8 1/2" by 11" sized information to fit in a personal.   The size is also better for creating/managing my deep cleaning lists and printing (for storage ) online shopping receipts.

The only problem is I've hardly touched it since I moved everything.  I don't know what my problem is but every time I open it (which is a metric poop ton of  times a day) I frown and close it back up again.  I've been positively in a funk since I moved back into my Malden.  It feels like my life is off somehow but  I can't put my finger on the problem  beyond saying, I'm mopey.  

After sulking around the house (all night long) I pulled out my Portland personal and wrote a to-do list.  I'm not sure where I'm going plannerly speaking. I still had the apathetic gloom after fondling my Portland.   I sat around watching bad TV for hours (easy to do around 3 a.m.)  until I decided to enable myself.

It's an insert for a cell phone...

The brand is Davinci ( A Japanese brand found here) and immediately I felt less like an overcooked potato. 

If you use Google Chrome for a browser it will translate the page for you.  I believe the size I need is 'M' although it's a little confusing; between translating from Google-translated Japanese (tricky) to English and from Yen to USD and metric to imperial, I'm feeling mathematically scrambled but here's what I came up with:  The price 2,800 yen (2,940 yen including tax) or about $32 USD.  It comes in Black, Brown, and Wine with a size of W103 x H165 x D13mm  It can accommodate a Smartphone with dimensions less then W83 x H147 x D10mm.

And from the pictures it looks like you can use the phone while it's inside the planner, which is way cool.

I took a look at my Portland to see if I really NEEDED it although need is such an ugly word when speaking of planners....


And I guess the answer is, no.  I don't need it.


But I really, really want it...


kanalt 2/5/13, 5:55 AM  

How cool is that? I wonder if you could do something similar with a zipped pouch or top opening envelope. Of course, I'm guessing it would depend on the size of your phone and how much room you have hitherto planner to begin with. I see some hacks coming our way... :-)

Rosie 2/5/13, 5:17 PM  

That is excelllent, i want one!

Tracy Reinhardt 2/5/13, 6:26 PM  

kanalt, Yes it's fits in a zipper pouch and the front portland zipper pocket but it's just doesn't have the style of the leather one - I also can't use it while its in there... sigh. If money were only no object!

Rosie - Me too!

Carla H. 2/5/13, 11:26 PM  

How neat! Although, I wonder how much bulk that would add to an already stuffed Filofax? I've ordered a few inserts from the Davinci line and I love them. They're a wonderful planner brand. Wish more of their stuff were easily available.

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