The Crazy Suburban Mom: Do these Filofax inserts make my butt look fat?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do these Filofax inserts make my butt look fat?

I placed an order for some legit Filofax inserts about a week ago. I don't normally buy branded inserts because... Well, a few reasons but primarily because defined pages don't jive with the 'free-verse'  organizing style that works for me.   For some reason these spoke to me and I have no idea know why they were calling my name.... But they were.

The first one is the Personal Month on two pages, tabbed.  

The first thing that appealed to me is they are very similar to the year on one page but with more writing space per entry and a (lined) space at the bottom. 

Second,  the tabs allow me to find where I am, was, and will be, easily.  I use a week on two pages with separate to-do sheets and while I can easily bookmark where I am today,  looking for something, past or future is challenging.   

The third thing is, unlike the week on two pages, a whole year of these doesn't take much space.  When my Filofax gets bloated and asking me if these inserts make her butt looks fat, I know it's time to take out information that  I need in there....   

Even though I assure her, 'There's just more of you to love, honey.' She pouts till I remove some of the WO2P sheets...

The next one is called the personal day planner . 

I had low(ish)  hopes for this one.  It's an undated two page per day format, and nothing like I've ever used. 

Starting my day staring at two blank pages per day, with specific topic areas, is a lot different from what I was doing.  

But I'm workin' it...

The left-facing page is free, just lines.

The right side has sections

Each has a topic but I really just pay attention to the sections, not what they are called.  The middle to-do area has been a food journal, my to-do's go on the left blank lined page.  The top Appointment section has my self-care type things (vitamins, meds, etc.) and the bottom Don't Forget section has random things like shopping lists.

Because these are undated I can use them or not on any given day.  With a two page per day dated insert you're tied into the format; whether you have a lot to do or nothing at all. That's a lot of pages in a year that might be wasted and a lot of real estate taken up in the rings.

I am sure I'll be able to use the tabbed monthlies on a regular basis.   I probably won't use the undated daily sheets all the time but on the days that I need something like this, I'll be happy to have them. 

I can see this combination being very space effective over time.  I can keep more information in my Filofax this way; maybe even an entire year and the best thing is even with all those pages Miss Filofax can still zip her jeans without laying down.


Cheryl 2/19/13, 12:32 AM  

hahaha zip her jeans without laying down...I love that! (familiar territory here)

Thanks for posting this. I bought 2 packs of the undated daily pages and haven't used them yet. I was too hung up on the categories but now see I can think out of the to speak. No matter what inserts I get, it still just bugs me that they are set up in such a way that it makes it difficult to interleave because everything is printed 2 sided. Drives me nuts when I use monthly tabs and several days of March are still stuck behind February!

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