The Crazy Suburban Mom: Anyone want a Filofax mini piazza?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Anyone want a Filofax mini piazza?

A little bit ago I posted about adding transfers to my mini yellow piazza because of stains on the cover. I'm committed to using or losing stuff so I tried and save it.  It's didn't work out.

Mini isn't (ever going to be ) my preferred size and the transfers started to come off.


A huge bummer...

To be realistic... even if they stayed on I doubt it would have worked out, I just can't make those tiny pages work for me.  But it was an important experiment; you don't know what will work without putting in the effort...  After all, I never thought I could use the personal size and now I'm as happy with it as a person with a working furnace in below freezing weather...

...With a good chance of significant snow fall over the next few days.

In an effort to try and get some Positive Furnace Karma I'm going to give away the Piazza.  Maybe there is someone out there who wants to try out a mini size Filofax but doesn't want to make an investment before knowing if it will be an effective planner size. 

 Someone who doesn't care about the peeling transfers because they are just testing the mini waters, not looking for a fashion accessory.  Someone who will shoot me some warm vibes because it's going to be cold tonight and every time I turn on the furnace the smoke alarm goes off... So needless to say, no heat till it's replaced.  

No idea if anyone is interested (although I could use the warm vibes anyway, it's an icebox in here) but if I get more then one taker I'll run it through and pick.  Not sure when, sometime after my random dot org picking finger warms up...

Comment (anyone from anywhere!)if you want my pretty, little, yellow, hot mess!


Morag 2/6/13, 1:16 PM  

I feel your pain re the furnace. Hope it gets fixed very soon.

Sue 2/6/13, 3:08 PM  

I would love your pretty yellow hot mess.

Liz Doty 2/6/13, 5:47 PM  

I'd love to have the lovely yellow mess! :)

Belle 2/6/13, 10:51 PM  

Pretty piazza! Especially with the added personal touch.

Would love to try the mini out!

Majokie 2/7/13, 12:09 AM  

Hello! I've been a long time follower of you on YouTube and your blog. I'd love to win your planner. And I always love your nails. :)

MySummerTouch 2/7/13, 12:25 AM  

Hi again Tracy! I'd love to have this mini Piazza for my daughter - she is discovering what is time and calendar and I think tiny-mini will be a huge joy for her! Thank you for putting this opportunity up!

way2matrimony 2/7/13, 6:29 AM  

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lee 2/7/13, 10:53 PM  

i would like the piazza. it would be great to keep in the car with all the jump i usually just cram in the glovebox! it's nice of you to give it away!

angelica dominguez 2/9/13, 1:18 AM  

I would love to try out your mini :)
It could be a nice wallet!

Liz Vee 2/9/13, 10:24 AM  

I would love to try the mini out!!! :) stay wwarm!! 2/9/13, 10:57 AM  

Bummer about the furnace. We went through that several years ago. Hope it's fixed soon.

I loved what you said: "But it was an important experiment; you don't know what will work without putting in the effort..."

I so agree. Sometimes you just have to try. Then you know.

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