The Crazy Suburban Mom: New personal (mostly) Filofax Video

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New personal (mostly) Filofax Video

I did a higher resolution video and the upload was in excess of six hours! Let me know if it improves things for you.


Susan Mac 1/22/13, 3:14 PM  

I really enjoyed your video. I'm pretty new to the world of planner blogs and Flickr pix, but have been using planners for 20 years or so. From the old Daytimer to Filo to FC and back. I'm just fascinated with all the info available and enjoy your blog very much

Susan Mac 1/22/13, 3:15 PM  


Tracy Reinhardt 1/22/13, 6:56 PM  

Susan - Thank you! I'm fascinated with planners too! Do you blog or do videos? Let me know, I can never get enough :)


Susan Mac 1/23/13, 8:14 PM  

Don't do either, but I'm thinking about starting a war by asking what's so great about Filofax when Franklin Covey has better paper quality and variety. I've used both for many years. (ok-Filofax does have much prettier binders.)

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