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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just sayin'....

I didn't post a weekly parade of to-lists because when I went through the pages I got a  side-tracked.  


Recently I posted about the repetitive nature of my daily sheets; declutter this, declutter that, how I wrote  'Declutter make-up' thirty times last year.    This week (above) was no different. 

I've been trying to work out an organizing plan; something simple, something that flows in an organic way   (Or at least flows the way I flow.)  I wanted to see progress immediately but not sacrifice anything along the way.  Too many times I've done a lot to accomplish some semblance of surface order at the expense of every drawer and closet in the house.  And I know I mentioned somewhere that if my pajama drawer is stuffed to busting, putting away the clean stuff never gets done.  

The 'stuff' all over reached critical mass the other day.  I felt completely overwhelmed and shut down for a few days (after I cleaned out my pajama drawer...).

Today I was thumbing  through my Filofax and realized I hit upon something the other day... Something important.


One room at a time.

I wrote that two days ago and this morning I realized I was onto something.  An aside here: Paper planning encourages this sort of free association.  Writing and doodling your ideas without a filter (or predictive text) is a great way to gain insight into yourself....    So.  The idea of dealing with one room at a time tweaked my imagination.  I decided it would fulfill all my requirements, too; especially that one about being able to see my progress quickly.

Today I made a list of things that needed (... have needed forever) to be done in the master bathroom.  I normally don't give much thought to my the non-public spaces - Who sees them, right? - and as a result I had paint drips in every color I've painted my bathroom for the last five years.  Every time I saw them I cringed but was more obsessed with the big picture so the dried drips remained.    


The bathroom is almost done, and in one day!  I need a different cleaner for the shower stall (or maybe a belt sander...)  But it looks great in there.   Larger rooms will take more time but working on one room at a time, totally and completely ... all the way down to dust on the baseboards...  kept me focused.


...And amping up focus is key to my completing things.  Seriously, you could eat off that toilet.


...Just sayin'


LJ 1/17/13, 3:06 PM  

Cunning plan!!! I start to do that, then realise someone's coming over and have to run round the whole house like a headless chicken :o)

Tracy Reinhardt 1/17/13, 3:11 PM  

LJ - Oh I know that dance! lol

The reason I could do one room at a time is I've spent so much time doing 'damage control' cleaning. On the surface it doesn't look as bad as it used to. No one would walk into my house and faint from the mess, no one would say I'm neat either but it doesn't look like the nightmare in general anymore. I won't be doing a room a day or anything like that - It's not even possible. But once a room is clean 'to original showroom' conditons maintaining it will be easier then it was before - and easier then the big cleaning I did today.

I figure the more rooms I can get to this point, the easier cleaning in general will be

LJ 1/18/13, 1:43 AM  

My place is OK to look at (generally - although it took me until someone was coming over on Monday for me to tidy the kids CHristmas presents into a neat stack instead of them looking like and explosion on my Kachelofen and the surrounding floor area.

I keep telling myself that once one room is done it will be easy to keep it all up together, and then a few days go by with no action for whatever reason (too many blogs to read...) and it looks like it was never done all over again :-)

I know a big part of the problem is that my de-cluttering hasn't actually reached the insides of cupboards yet... I really must do something about that :o)

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