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Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm trying to do better financially in 2013 then I did in 2012.   Over the last week I've looked for places I could improve. The worst categories, the places I used the least restraint were groceries, office supplies, and beauty products (especially nail polish).   

Not that I was great in other areas but these were the areas I had the most impulse purchases.  I set up a cash section in my Filofax to keep me honest. 


 I pay myself first this way and plan ahead.

But yesterday when I brought home a freecycled coffee table, I realized I handled one area very frugally; furniture and decorating.  Looking around my house I've gotten a lot of things for almost nothing... Or totally nothing. 

eames era surfboard coffee table

This is a 50's or 60's surf board coffee table and it's amazing (now that the dirt is off).  I have the matching side table but it's missing the glass so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Another great find was my kitchen table and chairs, acquired separately through freecycle.


The candle holders are reproduction that I paid a few dollars for.  They went with the theme I had going but didn't have a plan for them right away.  Ultimately I put them on my table with resin copper-fleck candles (a gift) and I love the look.  


My corner table has also evolved nicely.  It has items from lots of frugal resources. 


Table-scaping isn't something I rock at but I think it looks pretty good.

The thing with decorating like this is it requires patience (there might be six months between finding the table and the chairs), the willingness to make mistakes (some things really are trash), and a little vision; there are things that look like garbage but with very little work or some cleaning they can be amazing!

I didn't realize how many things I'd gotten in the last two years for next to nothing until I started looking at things I could do better.  Reevaluating finances is a good thing; you can't know what direction to go until you look at where you've been.

And and it never hurts to acknowledge what you're  doing right.  Your self-esteem will thank you for the "Attagirl!"


Vonlipi 1/3/13, 12:06 PM  

Attagirl! You are right you did very well in the thrifty/free decoration departement.

We are re-evaluating our expenses as well...and groceries is definitely somewhere we should be more frugal...and vitamins & supplements! That is a black hole of spending!

Tracy Reinhardt 1/3/13, 12:07 PM  

Hi Honey! I think everyone feels like you (and me) ... Looking for ways to save. And making hard choices. I feel like I'm squeaking by, I don't know if I can do better but I sure hope so!


LJ 1/5/13, 5:47 AM  

It sounds like you'll have it all in hand soon - and what fabulous finds on freecycle :-)

Cloudberry 1/5/13, 12:35 PM  


It's great to find a bargain. My grocery bill is certainly coming under close scrutiny this year.

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