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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A nagging annoyance

About a week ago I decided I needed a weekly bookmark for my Filofax.  With daily sheets interleaved between the two page per weeklies I was forever flipping back and forth looking for the page I needed.

I write appointments, food, meds... Stuff like that on the weeklies and I need to find them a couple o' few times a day.  I had a bookmark in there but it wasn't helping because I kept the dailies mid-week; the Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday page sat on the left side of my daily sheets and the rest of the week on the right.

It wasn't working; not in a huge fail type way but in a nagging, annoying sort of way that makes my head feel like it's going to explode.

I moved the whole week of dailies ahead of the two weekly pages and made a laminated half-width page to make the weekly view easier to find.

The edge is identified above since it's hard to see. The colorful part is a paint chip thing (  Romi has a thing for paint chips too).

I used a Martha Stewart tab to make the top and added some stickers for pizzazz.

And a pink bunny on the bottom just because...

I used self-laminating sheets  made for photographs (a lot like this stuff).  Self-Laminating products come in a lot of sizes but I thought using the smaller size would minimize waste.  It's tricky to work with but if I ever get good as the smoothing out part, I might make dividers too.

The nice thing is (besides it being easy to find my week inserts) is I can see through it.  I thought of using a photograph but I wanted to keep it clearish.  

This was an easy project.  Yes, working with self-laminating sheets is kind of fiddly but it's a great (cost-effective) way to make very durable  personalized dividers.    


Elizabeth Gonz├ílez 1/9/13, 8:03 AM  

Tracy, so cleaver of you to laminate your page marker and put that Martha Stewart label there. So cute and the stickers are cute too (n.n)

Your diary inserts... I think I don't know where they are from, but I also think that you post it somewhere so I will re-read some old post to find out LOL



Josh 1/9/13, 9:03 AM  

Yup. That's becoming an issue for me too. I hate hate hate flipping which is why I have SO MANY TABBED DIVIDERS in my planner... Flipping leads to massive aggravation. I like the pretty page marker!

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