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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Video on sizing down to a personal portland filofax

I did a quick (well, quick for me...) video on how the experiment with a personal size Filofax is going.

Over-all it's a thumbs up.

I still haven't set it up as a wallet and I'm really not sure why.   I think it has to do with it being twice the size of the pocket I used and it seems like it would be SO much bigger to take out at stores.

But maybe it's just a perception and I could get used to it in no time...  The whole thing is rather a work in progress!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 4: The personal experiment

I've learned a few things since consolidating my Filofax usage.  I've had some issues and some success since moving all information from an A5 (everything Filofax) and a pocket (wallet) into one personal sized binder.


The first thing is, starting from zero is much easier in the personal size since so many companies make compatible inserts.  After deciding to give my Portland a whirl, I drove to Barnes and Noble and within an hour I had a full calendar to use (a nice one too!)  If you're just starting out with a Filofax a personal size is definitely easier to deal with on this front.

Since I have a strong preference for grid to-dos I cut down some Clairefontaine graph paper.


I made another trip to the dollar store (not a chain, just a local one) and found some more great stickers...


The leafy looking ones turned out to be rub-on transfers which I used to decorate the dividers.  Not that I didn't like them, I just feel you can never have too much ooooh là là.


It's subtle (ish)  but I like the effect.


Working with the page size is challenging for me, definitely.  But I was right about it being the sizing down rather then the size itself being the biggest hurdle.


The more days I use it the more natural it feels.  Going from A5 to personal takes some getting used to but as time goes on I don't feel like I'm banging into the rings constantly.


The back of the Filofax Portland personal has ample room for extras; six credit card slots and very a stuffable long pocket.    The front side has a gusseted zipper pocket that currently is empty because I've not exactly turned it into a wallet.  

Now for the issues: I had a lot of different types of information in my A5 because I could fold full sheets of paper,  punch holes in them, and store them easily (A lot of brochures are the right size too).   The personal size isn't as adaptable to adding these kinds of things.  Is that an issue?  I'm not really sure yet.  

The ring size (an inch) of the Portland is smaller then the Malden but generous for a personal and are totally full at the moment.  That said, I have more things in there then I need...


Seems  the stickers I bought are the perfect punchable size.  I could take out a few more diary months, all the Filofax paper, and some of the plastic pouches and credit card holders if pressed for more room.

The reason I did all of this is recently I watched (a lot of) videos where people used the personal size as a wallet and I thought, why not?    I expected to have more of a problem sizing down from my A5 but my main issue is sizing up from the pocket wallet!

That is not what I expected.   I promised I'd give myself a full week and I am, but going through it today I realized I haven't used it as a wallet, at all.  I put everything wallet-like in a pouch instead of in the Portland.  It didn't seem ...natural or something when I transferred everything.  So, I'm going to do that today and see.

All in all, it's been a bigger success then I expected.  It's definitely easier to carry then an A5 for sure but if I'm not going to use it as a wallet, does it make sense?  I have to continue the experiment to see...  My A5 stored a lot of things my personal can't but I can carry more in the personal then the pocket so I guess the question is do I need all I had in the A5?   

I'm going to give it the whole week (at least) because at the moment it all seems pretty equivocal.


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