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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going to give my personal size a go.... Again

Every few months I drag out my Portland Personal just to fondle the softest leather Filofax ever made...  Swoon over how well  a truly great product ages ... And marvel at her twenty plus years old perfect rings.  

Every few months I try and use my Portland #filofax  can't help it its beautiful

I usually put some paper in and write something followed quickly by my deciding it's like writing on a matchbook, followed by heavy sighing, followed by putting it away again.    
Coffee and a to-do list for breakfast
The picture above is from 2011; my Filofax next to a big cup of coffee...


This one was taken first thing this morning (also next to a big cup of coffee).

Yesterday I thought (perhaps) I wasn't giving myself enough of a chance.  Maybe I needed some more time adjusting to a different size.  Maybe the problem isn't  the size as much as sizing down and I needed to give it more of an effort.

I've never been able to make a go of the personal size but I'm going to give it a full week this time.  I put Mr. Malden away and I'm going to leave him there for a full seven days and let the chip fall where they may.

I decided to do a complete set up and since I didn't have any dated pages I went to Barnes and Noble to find inserts and dividers. This time of year they sell a filled plastic planner, each with it's own cute theme for $9.99.  (If it doesn't work I haven't spent too much and I can forgive myself the personal sized transgression.)


The personal size is sure easy to work with when you're buying something.  So many brands make things with the right hole placement.  I don't miss repunching a hundred pages...  And the divider designs are aces.

A #filofax is a wholly unique thing

I added all the card, pouch, and zipper inserts I never have anything to do with.


Put my son front and center...


I miss having all this stuff in my Filofax, so this is a win.

Make up / nail polish wish list section tab ...For my #filofax maybe?

Added my Martha tabs...


Punched holes in a few sticker sheets...


My 'Hold That Thought' translucent arrows...


The planner came with a week on two pages


Plus a month on one page to mark appointments.  I like the way this insert is layed out a lot.


There was some note paper and PS, the paper is surprisingly fantastic.

Went ahead and set up my Portland personal #filofax & will try and use it for a week

The ruler is flat out slammin'

So the plan is to use only this Filofax for an entire week and see...  Maybe I won't be able to make it work but it won't be for lack of trying (this time).


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finding a Pocket Rio on eBay

I get a lot of questions about my pink pocket Rio.  I have used it successfully as a wallet for a long time now and people really seem to wish it's a model Filofax still made.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

The leather is really nice (stiffer, more structured) and has held up well banging around in my purse and I love the soft pink color. I don't like many  of the Filofax pinks but I really like this one.  

  The main issue I have is there aren't any dedicated credit card slots and I do wish the inside was leather and not fabric. 

Pocket rio filofax wallet

The Rio holds a lot considering it's not a squishy leather (especially in the billfold slot).  The zipper pocket it less successful, it's hard to get change out.   

At the moment  a cream one is listed for $58 buy it now with Free Shipping to the US.  The seller doesn't list worldwide shipping but it never hurts to ask.


 Rios come up on eBay from time to time (usually not in the pink though) so if you really want one it pays to set up a custom search  where they email you when one pops up.  Saved searches is one of those helpful but non-intuitive eBay functions.    To save a pocket rio filofax search just type that into the eBay search bar...

ebay search1

Click where it says SAVE....

ebay search2

And a 'save search' pop up will appear.  From there make sure email me daily is check and click save. Getting an email when something you really, really want is listed is great.

But honestly, there are other Filofaxes that would work as well...  Maybe better because some have a leather interior,  credit card slots and a zipper pocket that might work better.  

For example...


The Chameleon has five credit card slots, the large pocket for bills and comes in five colors.


The Finsbury has the large wallet pocket and two credit card slots and comes in seven colors.  I kinda love this blue...


The Malden also has two credit card slots and the billfold pocket. I've never seen one up close and personal but I think the zipper pocket might be more suited for change then the Rio based on the pocket in my A5.   I can get a ton of stuff in there so check the pocket size out.  If the zipper compartment is a flexible as the A5, this might be the best wallet option.

And if they make this in the new iPad cover aqua color I will be totally obsessed with getting one.

I think a pocket Filofax makes a great wallet.   If you want one and can't find (or wait for) a Rio, definitely check out some of the other options.  

Hope this answered some questions I've gotten and will help you find perfection in a wallet.


Giveaway winner and a side order of stocking Stuffer enabling

The giveaway winner is Elizabeth Gonzalez who really wanted them ( Ohhhhhh Tracy please I really want them.  I have been stalking Ebay or Amazon to get them because in SouthAmerica we don't get the Martha Stewart line!)  Email me honey with your address and your dividers and Martha Steawart tabs will be winging their way to you ASAP!

And because I  haven't done one of these recently and can't help myself here is some Filofax enabling.   I found a new (irresistible) site and it's got some fun Filofax Stocking Stuffers, Mochi Things!  

They've got LOTS of great sticky notes, the prices are great and they ship internationally!

Black and White TV Sticky Notes comes with 30 sheets of sticky notes. Once you are done using all the sticky notes you can use it as a photo frame! $4.17 USD


Love the Test pattern sticky notes!  The total of number of stickies is 180.  Once you are done with the sticky notes you can also use the stand as a photo frame!  $4.17 USD

The Rainbow Stickers are very cute! You can use the Rainbow Sticker to decorate your calendar, scheduler, or anything you want! Each purchase comes with 3 sheets of stickers: Raindrops, Triangle and round.  $1.37 USD

The Le Petit Prince Scheduler  is adorable!  It's 8.0 inches x 5.9 inches by 0.5 in. and I'm imagining it cut up and put in my Malden.  It comes with Calendar Stickers (2013-2014) and 4 sheets of Stamp Stickers. There are lots of inside the planner images, check them out! They are fabulous! $19.56 USD

PS - There are pages and pages of planners, check them all out here!

Each set of Blooming Deco Stickers is $3.47 USD and comes with 6 sheets of deco stickers. 3 sheets with square type, 1 sheet with round type, and 2 sheets with masking tape type.

Recently I won a giveaway from Le Box Boutique on Etsy and it's another great site for enabling!  I've purchased from them several times and am always happy with my order.   The thing I order most is Washi Tape by the Foot.

Washi tape can get expensive if you crave variety    I love LeBox because you can get tons of kinds in one order, for this listing up to 8 different patterns for $5.92 USD. And there are SO many patterns to choose from.  Her shipping is very reasonable and she packs everything beautifully!

She also sells a large selection of boxes, packaging and bags.  I've gotten the glassine bags before, they are perfect for small things in a Filofax (stamps, paper clips, stickers...)

This listing is for 100 Glassine Bags for $5.90!  They are  3 1/4 inches x 4 5/8 inches and are food safe.  

I'm hoping to do another one of these soon!


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