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Friday, September 28, 2012

Stickers for your 2013 Filofax set up...

It's getting to be that time of year again; when thoughts of my 2013 Filofax set up begin cropping up.

And it got me thinking ...

I did a post about the top tabs in my Filofax.  

So many people wrote to find out where to get them.  The stickers came with a request for a charitable donation so I don't know where to get those exact ones.  There are a lot of options for those types of calendar stickers though and I wanted to share some. 

I haven't gotten a  Flylady Sticker set in a few years but I might soon because are really great for adding to a planner.  The price is  $5.95 with $4.12 shipping. Flylady will ship internationally (example: Cost of shipping to the UK is $7.34).  Shipping time is a little slow but it's not a huge multinational corporation!

From the site:  The FlyLady Sticker Kit is for those of you who have purchased your calendar from another place, but still want to use the FlyLady stickers or you simply need a refill. The FlyLady Sticker Kit includes over 500 specially designed FlyLady stickers which work with this calendar to help you plan your busy week. They include: School event, make menu, birthday, no school, desk time, doctor, dentist, vet, date night, me time, free time, anniversary, sports, vacation, renew your spirit, party, zone stickers and more.

From the site:  Everyday Planning Stickers: Brighten up your calendar with these colorful calendar stickers to remind you of appointments, day-to-day tasks and special events. Includes stickers to mark birthdays, haircuts, meetings, parties, sport events, weddings, workouts, and more. 4 sheets, 246 stickers.  

They cost $2.99 and ship flat rate at $5.00 so it pays to look around and see if you want something else. 

Like these...

Mom's Calendar Planning Stickers: Includes 1,232 stickers to mark any calendar with appointments, birthdays, trips, and more! There are stickers to mark various holidays as well as sleepovers, field trips, carpool days, vacations, doctor appointments, birthdays, and many more. 

There is also a non-mom set here.   These two are very reasonably priced at a crazy afforable $1.99!

They suggest people in the UK order from their sister site here.  I didn't see these exact stickers but they have others.

Mrs. Grossman's company put some out as well.

And they are veryreasonably priced.  Hers are called Calendar Stickers.  You get two sheets for $1.79.  I went through the order process to check shipping and there was none, so it's a great bargain. I can't tell if they ship outside the US.

Lord Dodo makes diary stickers too!  320 self-adhesive reminder stickers in 14 different designs to help you spotlight special occasions and the must do moments in your family life. 2 sheets per pack at £2.95.  

Aother option is Lilly Pulitzer.

From the site: This Lilly Pulitzer Sticker Set will help keep your busy life organized in style! Use the stickers to personalize the front of your Lilly Pulitzer Agenda, and the reminders to make sure you don't miss a single thing.

They cost more, $6 plus $7 shipping (Really high for a set of stickers) and it doesn't look like they ship outside the US although for Seven bucks they certainly could.

I hope this helps everyone who thought my stickers would be great to have.  I find them essential.  I use them in my dated section and attatched to top tabs.  Any of these could defintely work well, depending on the space you have and what kinds of things you need to mark.  

If you want to do a general Google search for them the best key words I used were "calendar stickers', "agenda stickers' and "diary stickers" 

Just FYI: The search dairy stickers produces more of the japanese style cute stickers rather then ones specific to a planner.  Still well worth the look though some are very useful.   Just check these out!

These are from Yozocraft and the set has 24 pages of stickers! Even at$10 they are a bargain because there's something for everyone in this set.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Filofax enabling: forgive me...

I found an emerald green finsbury on eBay UK.  I know they don't come up often and so many people comment on the A5 emerald Finsbury I found so I thought I'd include this one even though it's a personal size.

There's one bid so far of £14.99 with four days left.  A great deal considering it comes with some inserts.

The 5/4 Winchester (eBay UK) is always popular but this one's expensive , starting bid is £70.00   I rarely see them listed for this much from the start.   There's three days left if you've got money to burn and this model is on your bucket list.

This auction is for a lot, including one Filofax planner, one other brand and 33 different inserts (the seller says they are 90% Filofax).  I've seen this listing before.  Looks like it didn't sell and the price was dropped to a Buy it Now price of £33.15.  Sounds like kinda a bargain to me.  The shipping's pretty good too.

I am always peeked by Filofaxes put out by companies bearing logos.  This one was put out by Campbell's (the soup company, I assume.) It ends today and the starting bid of £4.99 hasn't been made yet. It looks like a personal size to me and I love the color.

I found this on eBay US and like many things called 'rare' and collectible, it's grossly over-priced.

The title of the listing is ' Collectors! Very Rare Filofax Personal Credit Card Holder in Black Calf Leather'  It's got a $75 dollar starting bid with a Buy it Now of $120.  I know these don't come up often so I'm including it but really, that price?  Shame, shame...

Also on eBay US site (but in the UK)  is this model described as 'RARE Vintage Filofax Dual Organiser DMLF 7/8Measures:17cm x 19cm closed - 45cm x 19cm open  Great condition'  I've never seen this before, it's got two sets of rings.  It's currently got bids to GBP 32.00 with a week left.  Looks like it holds two sets of personal inserts.  Intriguing.

This next one gave me palpitations ..

The description is "AUTHENTIC Vintage S de CARTIER  Navy Blue calfskin diary with 18k gold plated corners and blue sapphire cabochons.  Measuring 8" wide and 9.5" in height, opens to a width of 20"
The left side features a large compartment, 1 ID and 3 credit card slots, on the right: a pen holder and a large compartment as well. The back side of the agenda book has a zippered compartment. 
In the center you will find a 6 ring binder (1" rings) composed of the full 2012 Cartier diary in French and English, which include:
Measurements: 8"( 20 cm) X 9.5" (24 cm)

It reads pure class.  The starting bid of £89.00 hasn't been made yet but there's about four days left.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yep, still got a Filofax Rio as a wallet

Back in June I started using my Pocket Rio as a wallet.  Since that time I've gone back and forth between my A5's a lot.  I don't  know why I'm forever exchanging the contents of those two.

But the Rio has been a constant and I think it's because I'm someone feels more secure carrying paper, can't remember a grocery list to save my life, and it's a very easy size to customize.   I've had a few people ask if I'm still using it so I wanted to say, Yes. Absolutely.  

Pocket rio filofax wallet

It's very easy to carry and doesn't scream, NERD! When I take it out to pay at the grocery check out line. 

Pocket rio filofax wallet

It's got a very clutch-like appearance.  The leather is very nice; stiffer then a Chameleon but with some give.  I think it's a good leather to use as a wallet because living in my enormous, cluttered purse is dangerous. 
Pocket rio filofax wallet

Truly anything has to live in that mess deserves hazard pay... and  I haven't had any issues with nicks and dings.  

Pocket rio filofax wallet

It's short on credit card slots.  There are none but that's easy enough to remedy.  You can buy something and punch it or use an available standard insert.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

I have a few but use them for stamps and random bits.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

You can also cut down a credit card inserts from a larger size and use it.  So while it would be nice to have some credit card slots, it's a pretty minor negative.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

There is a unlimited amount of ways to carry small things...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

There is a full length bill fold slot which is very roomy.  I've got money, receipts, prescriptions, coupons and a small book back there.  And it still closes with no issues.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

The zipper pocket where I carry change is pretty good.   Definitely more flexible then when I first started using it and while a gusseted pocket would be a hundred times better, it works well enough.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

A pocket Filofax is the easiest size I've ever customized.  Almost anything can be cut down and still be functional.  If you want to be creative with an A5 you need to start with something fairly large and with the personal I've found proportions a bit off (just bit too short or wide) and while you can cut things to fit a mini, things end up looking stunted.  

Cutting down cards and post cards is very easy in pocket sized.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

And paper.  Making plain sheets is a breeze in a pocket.   Keep in mind the diameter of the holes gets a little smaller in this size.  The standard hole punch is about 5mm while the A5 and Personal sized holes seem to be 4mm.  When you get down to the pocket or mini, it makes a difference.

Pocket rio filofax wallet

I'm not using it for a calendar because what I need in my purse is the grocery price book...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

And a place for shopping lists.

Keeping the contents a little focused leaves me room for...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

Not only the cutest post it notes ever...

Pocket rio filofax wallet

And the second cutest post it notes ever, as well.

I know this is post it overload but they make me smile and you can't have too many reasons to smile.


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