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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How do you build a wardrobe anyway?

As my decluttering ramped up this month I realized I need a total wardrobe revamp.  It's a hard thing to do with a limited budget and my ongoing weight loss (I've lost fourteen more pounds since mid-May).  What I buy has a lot to do with my weight now, projected weight  and where I can shop for things that will span multiple sizes and cost about five cents.

Besides the money issue, I'm most concerned about buying towards a projected size because it's a slippery slope.  I don't want a lot of reminders hanging in the closet taunting me.  Waiting for perfection is something I've done in the past and it gets me no where.  It's also pretty depressing.  I end up with a few great pieces that I stare longingly at while wearing stuff I don't much like.

On the shopping front, I found two shirts at a thrift store (with tags!) for five dollars each.  One was a white linen shirt from Lands End that they don't have anymore but similar styles run about Seventy Dollars.  The Coldwater Creek shirt (in white) is also sold out.  It's a double wing collar white cotton shirt and similar items are about eighty dollars.  I had them dry cleaned (because who knows where they've been) and for about $21 dollars I have two brand new shirts.

Granted... Both are at least a size too big but I wear them over tank tops and they work; blousey isn't so bad when it's covering something form fitting and left unbuttoned.  

I'm doing a very low carb / high fat diet and it feels really good.  I don't mean the weight loss as much as a sense of general equilibrium; like I'm eating right for me.  I cut out sugar (which is amazing, I never thought I'd get that coffee creamer monkey off my back).  My carbs come from veggies and nuts mostly and I rarely think about food or get the urge to eat for it's entertainment value.

I also started to supplement my diet with vitamins and amino acids.  Having just got my Vitamin D level to normal (from an impossibly low nine...) I figured if I was that deficient in D other things might be as well.  I started taking Calcium, Magnesium, and Biotin a while ago and the Biotin has made a huge (HUGE) difference in my nails which were thin, bendy and in general ill repair.  

Recently I added L-Carnatine, GABA, and 5-HTP after reading Julia Ross' book The Diet Cure.  The book was updated in May 2012 and it's so interesting!

I also added  Rasperry Ketones and  coconut oil  (I cook with it, use it as a supplement and topically it  has done wonders for my acne, dry skin and hair.)

I don't know when I will attain weight loss nirvana; it's such a sticky subject.  When I was in my twenties I got very heavy and then  lost a hundred pounds.  Even as a size small I felt fat and hated all the same  body parts I hated when I was a hundred pounds heavier.  It makes no sense really, I know that, but I never seem to be happy with what I see in the mirror.   

Somehow I need to build a wardrobe as a I build a better me and I have no idea how, do any of you have any tips and tricks for doing that?  I'd really appreciate (and need) the help.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

I've done a lot of decluttering lately and have made many hard decisions about what to toss.  Every few months one of several non-profit organizations calls to say they will be in the area on such and such date, Will I have anything?

I always say yes and worry about what later.  This morning I donated to the Lupus Foundation, last month the United War Veteran's Council.  There was so much in that donation that it spilled off my porch and onto the lawn.

Over the last few months I really took stock in what I have accumulated and if I wasn't going to use the things, they have to go.   It's sent me scrambling to use everything, even in unconventional ways.

I use thrifted vintage #kitchenware in my bathroom as containers.  Pink #pyrex pink #depressionglass. #glas-bake

Since my bathroom is pink I'm using pink kitchenware (Pyrex, depression glass, etc.) as containers for bathroomy things like q-tips, cotton balls...

I found four #melmac #boontonware cups & saucers for  88 cents a piece. The now live on my bathroom window

A recent find was four cups and saucers; Bootonware melmac to be specific.  They were in very decent shape but they scratch easily so I didn't want to put them into kitchen service.  I put them on my window sill and I love the ballet slipper pink symmetry.  


I love this hand done table cloth.  Problem is it's card table size and I was having a very hard time with this.  Besides being too small for my table, it's just to beautiful to stain.  I have a small chest by the door that holds my craft items but really the table just gets mail dumped on it.  I put this on the mail table and it's looks great right near the front door.

Speaking of tables... 

Freecycled midcentry modern table and chairs

This is probably my favorite freecycle find. I got the table from a different place then the chairs..

danish modern chair

Which are equally amazing!


I got a lot of vintage kitchen cloths from one sale, and I use them.  They don't look as good as when I got then but they are great to use.

Royal China Star Glow

I found this dinner ware about  a year ago, service for 12 Royal China Star Glow, but they wanted about $250 and I just wasn't going there.  About six months ago they were still there and I offered them a hundred dollars (still over-priced but I really wanted them) and they accepted.  I use them every day.

A month ago I found the matching gravy boat for about $2.  

Painted thrifted items painted ( #marthastewart paint in ballet slipper and sea glass ) now hold vitamins and bangles

I have a lot of stuff around waiting to be made into something else and I got the lead out this week. I turned some ugly mug trees and a wood box into bangle  and vitamin holders with some paint.

Other things I use (and try not to flinch about wrecking ) are my pink metal hamper...

Pink metal hamper!  whoo-hooo!

Her name's Joan...

Aqua Pyrex and Blue Heaven Thrifting Karma

And my pyrex and Blue Heaven.  I just take a deep breath and use it all.

Here's my great big sewing box (My 75 pound dog is practically laying under it - That's how big it is...)

huge sewing kit

My office supplies live there.

Now the Squiggle Ware is a different story.

squiggle ware pots

 I'm not using this.

I can't bring myself to use it so I keep it in a hutch as a 'design element' (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it).   I would be ill if I wrecked it and I doubt I'll ever find it again.

Over all, I'd say my  wish to use it or lose it has motivated me to take stock in what I love and what's important to keep.  There are things I regret getting rid of but I'll know better next time to think first and get rid of only after some reflection.

And to only buy things I really, really love because that  will save me the pain of parting with things I  don't adore but really, really like. 

Parting with stuff that make's me smile is still a sticky subject for me.


Albert Einstein: On Dodo Pad usage

Over the last few months I've tried to find the perfect method to track my vitamins, water, and various other health/diet related things.  I haven't posted about it because nothing I did felt right.  I tried making graphs, using downloaded printables, just writing it out and really, nothing worked.  Or felt like it would work long term.

I think my problem came down to over thinking...  I got too detail specific. It had to have a million little sections that would be easy to use and could hold all the information neatly, plus take into account everything I wanted to track now ...and for eternity.

Basically,  I got bogged down in minutia.   Striving for perfection gums up the works.

My works anyway...

The other day I tried using the Week on One Page Dodo Grid and I've hit on something. 

I write what I want to track across the top and use the daily squares to tick off what I've done/taken.   I use each section to track multiple things and run a highlighter across the bottom to track liquid (C is coffee, T is tea and W is water).  Whenever I drink something I just write the appropriate letter in the highlighted area. 

Why I think this will work:
  1. I already have them so I don't have to buy anything.
  2. It's very easy to manage
  3. Everything fits in my A5 Filofax perfectly.
  4. I'm no longer searching for THE PERFECT SOLUTION which made me a little crazy and was getting time consuming. 
  5. It's  customizable week to week. If something changes ( For example: Adding or removing a category ) I can  alter what I write in the top grid the following week.  That means I'm not constantly making new forms.
  6. It's a lot easier tracking my liquid intake now.  I was forever allotting too much or not enough room for this.
  7. The Dodo Inserts make me happy.

For all the reasons above I think I can track like this indefinitely.  I know everyone doesn't need a way to track diet/health things but I could see tracking anything like this; habit-building, chores, exercise, meal ideas...  Anything you want to accomplish daily. 

As Albert Einstein said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Yes, so true and I think he'd approve of my solution.


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