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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Success Choice winner is...

... Rori!

Contact me, girlfriend!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Organ!zed, new uses for old things - Mug Tree

I bought two old 'mug trees' at a thrift shop the other day.  They are probably from the 1970's and pretty grubby.   I like patina as much as the next person but I draw the line at scuzzy.


I decided to paint them one at a time, since I didn't know if it would work.


I really like how they turned out.


I just love this color; just looking at it makes my blood pressure go down.


The painted one sure looks less gloomy, fresher....cleaner.


And it looks fab with my bangles hanging on it so...SCORE!

*Since I had the paint the entire project cost me only the price of the mug racks, less then four dollars.*


Vintage image of the day, Fridge Insides, July 13, 2012

I'm fascinated by pictures of the stuff inside vintage refrigerators.  This one by Servel (also called Electrolux-Servel).  The company has it's roots in 1927 and built millions of gas and kerosene powered refrigerators, gas water heaters, gas air conditioners, and electric refrigerators. 

Here's the entire ad.

Click to see larger image.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tart up your filofax with a side order of enabling

So many people ask where I get the things that I use to decorate my Filofax.  It's really a matter of finding things randomly, I don't get everything from one seller.  Most of the things I've gotten are available through different sellers and there is some overlap.   Also things might be sold out someplace but available at other shops, so looking around is helpful.

Pricing (and shipping varies) a lot so it pays to find what you want and then search for it in other places.  I search broadly first and then narrow it down; for example I'll search stickers, then make a second search for either 'diary stickers', 'deco stickers', 'kawaii stickers, or 'icon/iconic stickers'.

A lot of times all searches come up with the same things but searching and listing isn't an exact science so it pays to make a few passes.

I looked for a template ruler like this forever and finally found it...

PetiteQT on etsy has a small shop with a lot of cute things.

Zakkalife on etsy has hundreds of items and I've bought this set a few times already.    She also has hundreds of listings for Washi Tape .  Her prices prices are  reasonable but the shipping is higher then most for light items.  She ships from China so things can take weeks (generally 3 to 5 for US delivery) to get to you but I do order from her because her selection is great!

PuchiMo on etsy has the most adorable stationary and mail items.  Her shop is described as " For Snail Mailers! Cute Stationery Shop"  She does her own designs, mails from the US and has reasonable shipping. I've also used her sheets in my Filofax as the stationary I ordered was about A5 size and I just punched it to make fun inserts. 

LeBoxBoutique on etsy has washi tape and you can buy tiny rolls so you're not spending a few dollars and only getting one design, you're getting many different tapes.  This listing, for example, is for her Washi Tape by the Foot; you choose eight patterns out of any available  for $5.92.  The tape comes on adorable little spools that would be great for crafts.   She has lots of other stuff too; mini envelopes, boxes, craft paper items...  Check out her whole shop.

I love the tape from Chickydoddle on esty.  She sells rolls, sets and petite coordinating sets.  I love the designs  a lot.  Her prices are standard, there is cheaper tape, and her shipping is a little high in my opinion, but I don't find the designs she has anywhere else so I keep ordering from her.  If I think about all my favorite washi tape purchases, most are from her.  She ships from Massachusetts and also sells, stickers, paper, craft supplies.

Mini Marks rub on transfers are hard to find but Closeout girl on etsy has them at good prices.  These transfers are great for decorating dividers and are transferable to things other then paper.  Closeout girl has a lot of craft items, many heavily discounted, and she ships from Utah .  Her shipping is reasonable.  

 Cat Kerr on etsy sells the most beautiful transfers by the sheet.  I've never seen anything like them.  The prices and shipping is very good. The only thing about these transfers is they only work on paper so unlike the Mini Marks you can't put them on things like rulers.  But they are definitely worth looking at...   I think she only shows US shipping but take a look and contact her if you're interested.  You never know!

Sugar B Supplies on etsy has all kinds of cute deco things, stickers, and zakka. Her prices are higher then some other shops but she has hundreds of items and you might find something that you're having a hard time locating elsewhere.  She ships from the US.  

Jetpens is another place where I found a lot of great things...  A lot of people have asked about the cherry blossom paper clips I have and they are from Jet Pens.

The are called D-Clips and if you type 'D-clip' in the jetpens search bar tons of different ones will show up.

I have the birdie Midori Index labels but there are lots of other cute ones.  The search term is 'jstory index stickers

The MemoPit repositionable Index Stickers are great for attaching non-sticky backed things and work great on a Filofax Dashboard... or fridge, wall, or mirror!

I love the Copic Glitter markers, they are so beautiful!  I made a very short video showing how it twinkles!

Jet pens has free shipping over $25

If you're looking for planners from Japan, and they make some great ones ... Try Rakuten. There are tons of adorable planners....  

As well as some amazing looking handcrafted binders...

Expensive, but amazing...

Searching can be difficult and translations produce interesting results... Not especially easy to navigate because things are named differently; add in translation issues and getting what you want involves a lot of guess work.  An organizer can be called just that in Japan, or a planner, diary, date book or bible.  It takes some work getting around the site but if you go in, you may never come out!

There are things  I've never seen anywhere else, plus hand crafted quality leather goods that are amazing, Midori products, stickers, journals and everything else in the world!  I think it's a site with multiple sellers ...  Some things pop up in English, some Japanese - So use Google Chrome as a browser and all with be translated (to one extent or another...)

Hope this post helped out!  I know it's kind of enabling... but life's too short to use a cheesy planner!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Jolly Green Filofax Video

This is my newest Filofax, an Emerald A5 Finsbury.  I bought it used on eBay and as far as I know this color is not available directly from Filofax anymore.  

I did a blog post on this planner here.

Only two more days to enter the Success Choice Planner Giveaway (here )


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