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Friday, July 6, 2012

Filofax with some Ho! Ho! Ho!

Earlier this week I received an A5 Finsbury that sure looked aqua in the listing.

Turned out more the color of The Jolly Green Giant.

 He sells peas and says, Ho! Ho! Ho!



Not that I mind  the color, I'm a glass half-full sort of person and green is my favorite color.

And it looks perfect with my wallet.   The combination is so Preppie-80's I want to pop the collar on my polo shirt.

A5 finsbury emerald front cover

The rings are the same as my big boy so I set it up.  Just took everything that was in the A5 Malden and deposited in my new elf-like planner.   The  front has a mesh pocket, credit card slots and a long full length pocket.  The fabric  looks a lot like canned peas if you ask me but I rather like them.


The back side is the same configuration as a Malden A5.  I wish it had that long vertical pocket like a Finchley, I love that pocket.


It holds a lot although not as much as the Success Choice Binder with it's great big perfect rings.  A few days left to enter the Success Choice Giveaway here.


I put in all my random stuff; tickets, stamps, logos...


Labels, tags and what-nots...


And because  there is no such thing as too much of a cute thing,  I made a new fly leaf this morning.

back of flyleaf

This is the back.

There's all kinds of stuff inside now, Dodo-Inserts...


Graph paper and Success Choice Monthly focus pages...


It's a nice format and the paper is fab.

new filofax flyleaf

Made a new divider.

  I love it although it's so sweet my teeth kinda hurt looking at it...

new filofax ruler

Made a new bookmark too...

back of ruler

Turned out it's not stiff enough so I just taped it to a Filofax ruler. It's a hot mess on the back but I love the front.

unused filofax pages

Still keeping my extra sheets together with the back cover of a hacked notebook.  This was and is perfect because an elastic was part of the back cover.

To me this binder (which I understand is hard to find) is more appealing then the grey Malden although I get that it's not for everyone; bright green not being everyone's taste.   But to me it's the bomb.  

A large green bomb, but a bomb none the less.

*Crossing my fingers that I can get a video of it up today.*


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cheesy save!

I just recycled a cheap $4 wall clock into something Aqualicious!

It's big, over a foot wide and had the most hideously designed face; a cheesy mess of country-themed awful.   Now, I love it so and it goes with my walls.

Most things from this century don't.


Decluttering my Filofaxes

I've decided to sell the Filofaxes I'm not using.  I found them at a store that was no longer going to carry them and couldn't help myself.   

The Filofaxes had been there for years, any dated material was at least 2 years old; some more like 5 or six years back.   I'm  just selling the binders without inserts since any of them are too old to use and it will be cheaper to ship.   

Some had no boxes and some had the wrong ones so I'm going to mail the binders without a box.  These are all new but  I've been burned a lot of eBay with the word 'new'.  People use it for a lot of things that aren't quite pristine.  I rarely list things as new, even things that are because new means perfect and few things rarely are.

Please remember these have been around the store for quite sometime.  It's possible that they might have some wear I've not noticed.  I don't see anything obvious but I could have missed something.  If you want more pictures of any of them or want to know something specific, please let me know.  

 Bloomsbury Mini in ORANGE, very very orange.  I love this sunny color!

I thought I could use it as a wallet but ended up using the pocket size so this one was never set up.

It's got one of those bill slots, love them.

It's got the original price sticker on it, I think that's a crazy high price.  That might explain why the store didn't sell enough Filofaxes to keep stocking them.

This is the Mini Capri, it's the one I was most hoping would work as a wallet because it's so classy.  I set this one up and almost immediately took it back apart, mini pages are just too small for me.  

It's overall size looks more like a pocket but the pages are mini.  It's got a back zip pocket that I thought should open wider.   If you just have to slip one or two things in there it might work for you.  

The inside is a beautiful contrasting suede and I just loved it.  It had a price tag of $90 on it (removed).  I've never seen one of these on eBay.

I even love the  filofax tag.  

A red personal Finsbury (SOLD)

Another one with the price tag.  The prices are higher now...

The inside.

I'm going to  wait a few days and see if they sell, if not I'm going to list them on eBay but I'll probably have to list them higher due to fees.  I'm trying to get back what I paid for them, but I'm flexible. 

I will ship them worldwide; just email me about shipping and I'll figure it out!   My contact information is behind the 'contact' tab on top.

For  US shipping $5

The red Finsbury is sold
The Bloomsbury Mini       - Best offer over $ 20 plus shipping  
The Capri Mini  in black  is sold


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Enabling 2.0

I have some more Filofinds, all from eBay UK, all kinda amazing.

Looks like a Gray Winchester to me...

A dark blue Cavendish, maybe?  The listing says, "Works okay" I'm not sure what that means but I hope it means it's works and not that it's a hot mess.

Fil-O-fax storage 1940's

It's a good thing I just bought the green one and I'm out of money...


Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet my new zucchini!

Remember that aqua A5 Finsbury I got for $20?  I talked about it here...  Here's the picture from the listing and to be fair, it was described as green, but look at it...


Got it Saturday and surprise!


It is green; very very green.

 Christmas green... Little green men from Mars green...  My face after eating bad food green.  All I can say is... 

Dear New Filo,

It's a good thing I love green 'cause...  You so green!



Letting go of some Filo-phernalia

I made a few (too many) credit card pouches for my Pocket Filofax this week end.  Apparently, there's just so much cute you can stuff in before the rings protest and refuse to open and I'm running out of storage space in general.  What with all the paper, homemade rulers and clearance Filofaxes that I got over the last few months.

Red Riding Hood and the wolf (sold)

They all have a Red Riding Hood theme with a zip pocket on the long side.

And two slots in the back for credit cards.   Since my pocket Rio doesn't have credit card slots these are perfect for me.

Red Riding Hood with Basket  (keeping this one :)
But I can't use them all.

And just giggling  at them makes my family think I'm weird.

Red Riding Hood walking (Sold)
Make that weirder.

I figured I'd list them on Etsy.

Red Riding Hood and Grandma (sold)
But I know a lot of people liked these so I thought I'd offer them here first.

  If I don't pare down a bit my family will  put me out.

If anyone is interested in Red Riding Hood and the wolf,  Red Riding Hood walking, or Red Riding Hood and Grandma let me know.  My contact information can be found at the top behind the CONTACT tab.  (If any sell, I'll mark SOLD under the pictures)

Each one is $6 plus $2 shipping anywhere.  Payment by PayPal only but write me first.  I only have three to sell so wait for an invoice before making a payment.

I'll give it a few days to see if anyone is interested before I list them on Etsy ( I'll have to price hem a little higher on Etsy to cover their fees). 


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