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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Auction to benefit Thunder - Greyhound Friends of NJ

Greyhound Friends of NJ is running an auction (right now!) to help pay for the cost of Thunder's Health Care.  GFNJ is one of the few rescue organizations that takes injured and ill dogs.  With a donation or  bid on their Facebook Auction you can help them help Thunder.  

Thunder's name is now Lucy.

The auction is going on now and can be found HERE and here are a few of the items you can buy.

Martingale collar, so cute!

A coach wristlet! 

Greyhound artwork

Vera Bradley 5 in x 12 in pouch...

Donations can be made via Paypal HERE


Friday, June 22, 2012

Playing Musical Filofaxes

Ever since my Filo Feeding Frenzy when I was bad (very, very bad) I've been in a constant state of Filo Flux; every few days I try a new one to see if I can make it work.  I'm not quite at the bottom line but I'm close.  

Here's what I learned: 

1.  Using a mini is like trying to plan my day on a matchbook.
2.  The pocket is way more useful then I ever expected. 
3.  I can can use two at the same time (A real surprise!) and I kinda like it.
4.  My favorite one is STILL my decades old Portland personal.
5.  The rings on the small ones are much less likely to be hot mess; lining up perfectly and closing with a satisfying snap time after time.
6.  It's easier to make  items for smaller Filofaxes.
7.  The new pocket size holds wider pens then my old Portland.
8.  If I buy this many again, someone spank me; I'm hopelessly addicted.

I used both the Pocket Olympic Line Burst and Rio over the last two weeks (and the mini Capri for about an hour) Both pockets worked as wallets really, really well.  The Rio has a slight edge because of the full-length back pocket for bills but the Line Burst has aqua on white inserts and the best Filofax ruler I've ever seen so it's kind of a wash.


Isn't it a doozie?

The only glitch I had with pockets (and it's not a huge deal) is Filofax doesn't seem to reformat inserts; they just size them down.  That doesn't matter on all pages but trying to write on some of them is ... well, just silly.

pocket filofax insert

See what I mean?

I was trying to track things like water intake, vitamins, meds, etc. on this insert and while doable (A chore, but doable) it should be so much easier.  If I want to continue in a pocket I might hit up Steve and Ray  for something to track my attempts at healthy habit building.  Would anyone else be interested in something like this?  I don't want to bug them for just me...

Since I'm using a smaller one in conjuction with the big boy (A5 Malden) I thought I'd give my personal Portland another shot, this time as a wallet.

 The Filofax financial sheets are graphed similarly to the one's from the Line Burst.


I taped off the topics on top and wrote in my own headings.   There is much more space but I'm not sure yet if that's just a function of it being a personal size page.  Carrying around a personal is fine  (since my purse is as big as a bowling bag)  but as a wallet...  I think a pocket might suit me better.

I'm going to give it a week and see because (besides just loving my Portland) a personal size seems to be the easiest to customize in all respects.

jetpens index label

Wide top tabs fit... I had to cut them for use in my pocket.  And look how cute the birdies are sitting up there. (They are from Jet Pens here)


Also a personal has more room for a fly leaf dashboard.  In the last week I've needed it twice with items that aren't sticky (business cards) and it was a problem.  Now I keep my Memopit repositional Index labels stuck to the flyleaf and they are perfect!

And there's a lot of room for my paper clips too if I want to just clip something in, which I do a lot.  


I think the bottom line will be going back to one of the pockets (either the Line Burst or the Pink Rio) but I do like to take my personal out for a spin every once in a while.   

As to my other clearance Filos...  I hate to see them laying around unloved, it's so sad.  I'll probably end up selling them. Sigh.  I hope that teaches me a lesson next time I feel a Filo Feeding Frenzy coming on.  

But I kinda doubt it...


GFNJ Auction

 Greyhound friends of NJ is one of the few Greyhound rescue organizations that accepts sick or injured dogs.  Ventura had surgery in excess of $2000 before I ever met him and I'm so grateful.  

If you're  able, please help them help Thunder.

 ..look at that face!

From Greyhound Friends of NJ: We will be hosting an auction on FaceBook to help pay for Thunder's medical expenses.

Thunder is in trouble but with your help, GFNJ will save her. This happy two year old girl has the most insidious parasite - she's heartworm positive. 

Her condition was too precarious for her to be transported in a regular haul with other dogs so she was driven from Alabama to Harrisburg where her foster drove over 100 miles to meet her. Thunder will undergo testing to determine the degree of infestation, followed by months of treatment. The medical treatment will be expensive but we couldn't let this sweet girl suffer. 

Please participate in our auction. You're sure to find something you like and you'll help our Thunder, too.

The auction starts Saturday, 6/23/2012 at 9am (EST) and ends Sunday, 7/1/2012 at 10pm (EST).

The last person with the highest bid on an item by 7/1/2012 is the winner and will be notified by GFNJ of their winning bid.

The link for the auction is  ---> 

Please consider bidding or making a donation. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Filofax Capri Mini: Class act to be sure.

I've been using a pocket Filofax  as a wallet for a few weeks (Loves it) .  While a pocket size  planner will never replace a big one for me;  I've come to terms with my need to roam over expansive papery planes and compulsion to fill big rings till they scream, "UNCLE!  

But little's pretty great too.


The long slot across the back says - HELLO! WALLET! - to me and it's so portable.  It's  light-weight and makes having a Filofax with me, easy.   I still haul around the big boy but with a pocket, I don't have to.

I decided to try one of the other Filofaxes I got on clearance because, well - They are here and I need to do something with them or let them go.  I don't want to keep stuff just to keep stuff anymore.  


The pink one was the only pocket.  One was a personal (don't even know what I was thinking getting it, after dealing with my Portland there's no way I'll ever love another...) and the rest were minis.   I think the three minis all have the long pocket for bills but the Capri seemed more wallety.


I didn't realize it was a mini until I got home.  When I sit it on top of my pocket, you can't even see the Rio underneath (above)




The outside is soft black leather, the inside a light tan suede. 

The left side has three roomy pockets.


The right side has one even roomier pocket.


The back outside has a zippered pocket that won't open enough to be useful.  This would be a perfect pocket for change if you could get in there but you can't.  Totally not feeling this outside pocket. 


The long bill pocket is nice, lots of space. 


It has a strap with a buckle detail I really like.  The Capri zips and the strap is very much like the one's you'd find on a wristlet.  


Laying flat isn't it's strong suit but it can if I insist.

I just set it up this morning but I think the pink one will work better for me.  I don't like zippers much; even cool belty looking ones and the mini sized pages are eency.   If I have to use that paper for more then the occasional note,  I might lose my mind.

Didn't stop me from making some dividers though.  I especially like this one.


But I think my new sock monkey one is my favorite divider of all time. 


Sock monkeys  rule.


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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ad of the day, Pink swoonable wall phone, June 18, 12

When my current kitchen phone broke a few months ago I decided to try and get a vintage wall phone like this (pink would be Fab!) but so far I've had zero luck.

I heart this phone. 

In the 1940's Bell System ads promoted getting a phone, I suppose there were a lot of un-phoned households.  Towards the end of the 1950's and into the 60's the push was for an extension.  Most phone ads were geared towards woman even the old ones; keeping track of your traveling hubby, staying connected with relatives, things like that.

But in the 50's the focus changed to the convenience aspect of have more then one phone in your house.  


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fighting tooth decay with The Force

A few weeks ago Sunstar GUM asked if I wanted to try out (and giveaway) some of their products.  I said, Absolutely! I use some of them already and if there's one thing I want to keep, it's my teeth.

Don't laugh, most of my grandparents lost theirs before I was born and for most of my life, visiting the dentist meant multiple cavities.  Every. Single. Time.   

I wasn't dentally blessed.
GUM sent me some products and tips by expert Dental Hygienist, Jackie Sanders, RSH, B.S.  so read up and then go brush; it's the right thing to do!

1.       GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush: Sunstar recommends changing your toothbrush every three months, and now is the perfect time to make the switch. Designed for deep cleaning, this toothbrush has a unique Quad-Grip handle and tapered bristles that reach between teeth and below the gum line. Be sure to brush at a 45-degree angle for maximum effectiveness. 

It's only been in the last few  years I started changing my toothbrush this often but it matters, a lot.  Buying a new toothbrush, even a good one, isn't expensive.  Treat your chompers to a shiny, new brush and they will love you for it.

2.       GUM Soft-Picks: With 76 soft rubber bristles to gently massage your gums, dislodge food and remove plaque, these picks are perfect for on-the-go cleaning.

 Plus, they are clinically proven to remove as much plaque between teeth as traditional floss.

These are great to carry with you.  I just made an 'everything I could ever need' kit for my purse.  You can buy these kinds of kits pre-made, but why?  Making them is so easy; just add the things you always need and never have at the right moment. 

 I added things like a nail file, small scissors, nail polish remover pad, q-tips, clear nail polish, band-aid, a few tissues, chap-stick, trial size hand cream..    And few GUM soft picks, they take up less room then a whole box of floss and are easy to use.  

3.       GUM  Dual Action Tongue Cleaner:  This is an essential tool to fight bad breath. The sturdy bristles and scraper brush bacteria, food and plaque right off, leaving the tongue clean and your mouth fresh.

Give one of these a try if you haven't ever ...  your breath will thank you and your kid will really enjoy watching you do it.  Trust me.

4.       GUM PerioBalance: Consider this a mint-flavored air freshener for your mouth. A daily dental probiotic lozenge helps re-balance the bacteria in your mouth.   In 28 days, it reduces plaque to promote healthy teeth and gums. The probiotics also help fight bad breath.

 I LOVE how minty my mouth feels after using these.  

5.       GUM Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush:  Why not get the kids cleaning treat to kick-off their summer break? These toothbrushes are shaped like lightsabers and available in three designs: Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Darth Vader. Special LED lights flash for 60 seconds to encourage kids to brush longer. A successful method to build good oral habits at a young age.

Okay, I always use kid's toothbrushes because they have small brushes.  Well, that's not the only reason...  I just like how fun they are. 

 A few weeks before I was contacted to do this review I'd purchased a Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrush.  When I got home, I was waving it around and everyone in my family wanted one. 

Had to tell them I got the last one and 'bummed out' doesn't cover how disappointed they all were.  When GUM contacted me I was very happy to report back to my family that now, The force will be with all of us when we brush.

They looked at me like "Mommy's Crazy Again..." Not a clue to what I was talking about until I pulled out the brushes.  

Many Whoots! and a raucous Lightsaber duel ensued.
If you'd like a Summer Cleaning Pack so your family  can flight plaque like it was an evil empire (which it kinda is) comment  below! 

Maybe tell me which product you think your family most needs, or how you get your kids to brush or just describe how you plan to reenact Star Wars in you bathroom using a Lightsaber toothbrush.
It would be nice to know I'm not alone in that kind of thing.

Please comment before Saturday June 23, 2012, 9 PM eastern time.  You can comment once a day and if you want an extra entry follow GUM on Facebook  (do a separate comment for that). 

US only please!


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