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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I so get this guy...

A while back I bought stacks of letters from a World War 2 soldier to his sweetheart at estate sale.  Each stack was bound together with baby blue satin ribbon and tied in a bow.  I found them in a box of garbage.

 It was heart breaking to think they (the letters, the soldier, and the woman to whom they were sent) would just die there so  I took them home.  

This video reminds me of those feelings again. 


ad of the day, before political correctness, june 13, 12

 It's from House and Garden, 1963 and I have no words...

Really, none.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seeking Filofaxian Nirvana

 I got a rainbow of Filofaxes the day before I started my epic declutter.  Guilty isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about my Filofax Feeding Frenzy because there isn't a single Filo in the donation pile.  Of all the things I have too many of, at the moment Filofaxes top the list.

I have to make some decisions about what to do them and I started with setting up the pink one as my wallet. This one was the least frivolous purchase because I've wanted to try a Filofax as a wallet for a while now.  

I thought it was a Chameleon first, then a Finsbury, then I didn't know.  The fabric inside threw me.

 It took me days to find a name on it; it's a pocket Rio.  The features are a vertical mesh pocket and a full length fabric pocket on the left, a full length pocket for bills across the top, and a full length zippered pocket on the right.  

The pen loop is leather (which I prefer) although my new pen  Jayne Mansfield is a little voluptuous for the loop.   Jayne, my pen, fits about as well as the real Jayne fit into this dress...

A tight squeeze, pretty much.

 It's Italian leather (and feels like it) with a fabric interior (not my favorite feature,  but I like the print).  The overall size is  4 1/2" x 5 3/4" with six 3/4" rings.

She holds a lot for a small Filofax. 

The clearance Filo's had a smattering of inserts;  some had dated pages as far back as 2006,  some just a few random sheets,  and some were naked.  

 Rio was stark naked,  not even a box to cover herself. Poor baby...

I used some things from the  London 2012 Line Burst Pocket Organizer  because  I didn't have anything else.    Pink and aqua is a golden match so it's all good. 

I'm using the week on two pages, and wow! Compared to Mr. Malden's A-Five-iosity, these inserts are delicate little flowers.   See how the birthday sticker spills over?  It's my son's birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Ben!

Not that he'll read that. No one in my family has ever made it through a Filofax post.

The to-do sheets hold a reasonable amount of information if you're not too wordy and a bit clever.  

And I love the little square on top for a date.

  If I couldn't use a lot of stickers it would be a deal breaker.  Who wants to read about how much laundry you have to do without some happy, brightly colored encouragement?

Still loving that Olympic-theme ruler... I hope this kind of graphic ruler design is a trend for Filofax.

Still got my new tabs too.  They can go along the side or the top if you whack off an edge.

The left side pockets are well, not leather.  I'm not a big fan of the mesh business but you can see my adorable new stickers through it, so that's a plus.  Bottom line is when I buy a Filofax I want it to scream QUALITY!  

Mesh screams fly swatter.

But like I said, I do like seeing my new stickers through the mesh.  Since I kinda love them a lot I'm not overly upset by the mesh beyond the principle of it.

 I was going to use the right side zipper pocket for change and I did try. It's full length but without  being gusseted it's not nearly as functional as it could be.  Digging out change in the grocery express line was a chore.  And the people behind me didn't much like it either.  

I decided to hole punch some small vinyl pouches because of the express line dirty looks and also because the Rio has no credit card slots.  

Look how cute my red riding hood credit card pouch is?  There is a zip along one side...

Plus two credit card slots on the back.

And I added another pouch for stamps.

I kept everything color-themed.  

As for a pen, I didn't want a small one. They are too hard to write with.  And I certainly didn't want to buy a new one because I didn't declutter pens either and the guilt was getting to me.

I'm using a JetPens grape-scented  Miffy pen.  The benefits are:  it writes  purple, the print is small (which you need on small paper), fits in the pen loop,  only costs $1.10 and it smells like a grape lollipop.  

What more could you want in a pen?

It spills over the edges a schoochy bit but I'd rather have it be a little big then try and use a pen the size of my thumb.  

Will this pocket Filofax work for me?

Yes,  I think so.  As a wallet it works exceptionally well because it combines two things I need to carry in a small footprint.  It won't replace my he-man Malden as a primary Filofax though.  

Having that much space is something I need, want, and desire.  Large sheets of paper afford me creative rambling space.  My A5 has room to hold what I'm currently working on; letters, projects,  posts, craft ideas, wish lists,  plus room for storing bills, extra paper, multiple pens, receipts, art pages, paperbacks... Everything.  

There is always a bit of give and take with a Filofax because needs are so individual.  Fortunately, there are scatey-eight million Filofaxian permutations.  Finding one with most of the features you need isn't that hard and rings take care of the rest by allowing  for maximum customizing in your search for planner nirvana.



Monday, June 11, 2012

Epic Decluttering

At this very moment I'm in the middle of an epic decluttering effort.

Every few months the United War Veteran's Council, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, or the Lupus Foundation calls to let me know they'll have a truck in my area, Do I have anything to donate?

  Most times I dig up something just to help but in the back of my mind I know I've got more.  Lots more.

Recently I've felt like the act of cleaning was more moving piles of crap around then cleaning anything.  Spaces got cleared but nothing got cleaned.   I'd move stuff around every morning and by night it was 52 card pick-up.  

At the end of last week I was at my limit.  Nothing ever got clean, I'm exhausted from trying, and the places I stashed stuff were full to busting.  Something had to give...


Four boxes and five bags ready for donation is too much excess.

Over the week-end I made a lot of hard decisions; I got rid of stuff I didn't want, stuff I did want, stuff I'd planned to sell and stuff that was around because I hadn't decided what to do with it.

I got rid of stuff I planned on keeping but didn't know what for, things I had too many of, and things I liked (or loved)  but never used.   I expected to feel anxious after putting some of it in a garbage bag but I was wrong.  Once the decision was made to let it go, I felt free.  And the bigger the giveaway pile got, the freer I felt.

Looking at donation pile is overwhelming.  I have to figure out how this happened so I don't repeat the mistake.  If I had to guess how it got this bad... I think I had too much in limbo while I didn't make decisions.

What's in these bags? ( I'm not even sure... ) I feel like I wasted so much time and money amassing things that didn't improve my life.  Managing it all got to be a huge drain.


Looking at all the stuff ready to go is odd.  I feel lighter somehow and more able breathe but also a little sad.  The weird thing is when I look in places where the things were, it's still crowded.  

Clearly, I still need to let go things but this will have to do for now.  I'll have to do this again soon but it's going to be harder.  Don't know how I will ever let go of more... Although I'm surprised I got rid of so much this time. 

Epic decluttering is hard and probably should be followed closely by a Valium Chaser but I do recommend it; empty space is the bomb.

*PS - There's also FIVE bags of pure garbage outside waiting for pick-up. *


Vintage image of the day, Polaroid, June 11, 12

Love how graphic the camera is!

Got this from a National Geographic, late 1970's (I think) 

National Geographic magazine ads seem geared to men with some disposable income.


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