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Friday, March 30, 2012

Aristotle: On Filofax Rulers

Switching over to my Personal Portland has been a bit of a chore but between migraines, I'm making progress.   It certainly is easier to carry and when I needed an address yesterday I reached in my purse and whipped it out.  Doing that with my A5 was a lot like pulling  out an Atlas... Or maybe a tooth.

My main change-over problem is I carried so much in my A5 I don't have near the accessories needed to  know if a personal size will work for me. 

 I worked out the divider issue after going to Staples  and also found zip pockets there by Day Runner.  The nice thing about them is they are soft vinyl, easy to open, and get into.  I prefer soft translucent vinyl  pouches over the harder clear stuff which gets more brittle and harder to deal with, with age (don't we all?) The Day Runner pouches come in a 2-pack for $5.99 ( a bargain compared to  $7 for a Filofax pouch, singular.)

Dividers: Check
Pouches: Check
Rulers...  No check.

I find the Filofax rulers a tad expensive  and on the wrong side of attractive; how they managed to make basic black - a total fashion classic - blah, I'll never know. The clear ones are not much better albeit they are more unobtrusive.

Yesterday, between migraine auras, I gave some thought to the whole ruler thing; when do I measure anything anyway? I only came up with one time and it was last week when I measured the Filofax rings for a post.

Aristotle (The Greek philosopher,  student of Plato and teacher to Alexander the Great)  said of Filofax rulers, He who is to be a good ruler must have first been ruled.

Okay,  he wasn't really talking about the bookmarky rulers in your Filofax but think about it; shouldn't a ruler be something that ...rules? And if it doesn't whats the point?  Aristotle wouldn't think kindly on the Filofax rulers; mere place cards, flitting day to day, neither rulers or ruled.

My head was really slamming by now so I decided to lay down with something cold over my eyes...

cold pack

And had a revelation.

I don't need a ruler, I need a place holder, a bookmark.  But ...what?  My headache was getting worse and I was out of Aleve so I went to CVS and because drug stores have everything from drugs to Pajama Jeans, the Aleve was hard to find. I had to walk every aisle.

Turned out to be a good thing.  As I wandered around in search of pain medicine I found my bookmark!

pencil case

It's a plastic pencil case made of roughly the same stuff as the Filofax Rulers, it cost a dollar and would net me more then one.  Couldn't decide it I wanted to use  the purple outside or the clear inside but the whole thing was a breeze to make. 

 I hacked the thing apart, used my paper cutter, an emery board to smooth the edges, my hole punch (and scissor to snip the holes so you can re-position it) and some rub on transfers.

homemade filo ruler

I have a tear in my eye, it's so beautiful.

It's a little hard to see, maybe this picture is better...


Problem is, I was so excited to find the pencil case I forgot all about the Aleve.  I went for my cold pack again but then looked at that and thought, could I do that?

And yep, I could. I turned the vinyl cold pack case into a pencil holder which is great because while some of my pens fit the A5 loops, none of them fit in the personal loops.  

Stay tuned for more inserts..

And migraines.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Haikus, Kerouackus and Jetpens

Someone asked what I wanted for my birthday and being a total geek I said, a gift certificate to Jetpens, please.  That might raise an eyebrow for some people but my family is pretty used to my stationary affliction.

A question for you: Did you ever add something in at the end of an order, something cheap to get free shipping or to finish up a gift card and then end up loving the item totally?  That's what happened to me.

I added this at the end to finish up because it cost less then four dollars.

 It's a Maruman Mnemosyne Word Book and it's a tiny thing, about 4" by 2".   I read the reviews and people either liked it or didn't like it because the paper felt like water color paper and that appealed to me, artistically.

I love doing tiny art; I used to do a lot of it.  This is a painting I did on a teeny, tiny (about 3 inches x 2 inches) canvas.

Satisfylingly Lemony Deux

One of the other things I got was a pen converter for my Kuretake No. 13 Fountain Hair Brush Pen.

 I got it years ago to do Sumi-e painting then couldn't replace the parts but Jetpens has them.  I was especially jazzed about the converter because the ink that comes in the cartridges is near impossible to clean out.  No amount of flushing cleans it plus I do like a bit of color... 

I didn't think I'd be using the Word Book and brush pen together until they came.

It was instant love.

And I'm thinking...

of doing a Haiku Project...

I'm torn about whether to use the original form of Haiku or go more with what Jack Kerouac suggested when he said, "A "Western Haiku" need not concern itself with the seventeen syllables since Western languages cannot adapt themselves to the fluid syllabic Japanese. I propose that the "Western Haiku" simply say a lot in three short lines in any Western language. "

Should I go with a Kerouacku?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The laws of physics applied to Filofax

I had a whole Twitter conflab last night with @aspire_to_be  and   about going back to my Personal Portland Filofax.  Aspire asked if I carried around my A5, yes I do which is a bit of a haul seeing that it weighs roughly the same as my dog here...

Who weighs about the same as two concrete cinder blocks (almost 80 pounds).  So while there is room in my purse for said blocks, keeping them in there is an entirely different matter. I usually hold it and have forgotten it twice at appointments.  

Josh reminded me I thought the personal size was too small and he's right, it's never worked for me.  I ended the convo to go to sleep but keep thinking about it.   

At about Ridiculous o'clock I did a complex series of physics calculations to see if I could make it work (see below)...

And as you can tell the answer is ...  Dunno.

But I started adding things to it this morning anyway because I had a million things to do and playing with my Filofax seemed way funner.

portland personal filofax

I cut my Clairfontaine paper to fit.

Josh is right about the space.  My hand bangs the rings but I marched on...

To Staples where this:

BeFunky Cross Process 1 on iPhone


BeFunky Cross Process 1 on iPhone


BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhone

  Filotabulous dividers.    

They are A5 sized but the holes are off for Filofax binders (so what else is new?)  They would work in an A5 if you tape over the exiting holes and re-punch them.  

You don't have to do the tape thing but  it will look like a hot mess if you don't.  

BeFunky TiltShift on iPhone

I think they are very pretty. You can't see me but I'm jumping up and down and clapping my hands over them.  Cut down to personal sized they are perfect, don't you think?  I lost one due to size but I'm sure I'll find something to do with it.  These are the paper dividers ($4.99, a bargain). 

 I also got the plastic ones, no idea know why.  Office supply feeding-frenzy or something...

BeFunky Violet on iPhone

I added these to the front divider...

BeFunky Instant 2 on iPhone

And gave myself a launch pad.

BeFunky LomoArt 1 on iPhone

As I'm sure you could tell by the math; there were fractions left over but I can probably use them for something else and if not, oh well.  It's still worth it.

That's as far as I got with my change over, math gives me a migraine.  I  need to figure a way to transfer the rest of the pages, info, and assorted froth into a smaller footprint plus see if I can work out the writing space issue.

Stand by for more Frankenfilo updates...

And migraines.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes you just need it...

Pens are really important to my overall filofaxiosity; without them my todo lists wouldn't make me happy.  

BeFunky Vibrance on iPhone

Thing is, if I have to read "Clean all toilets"  I'd much rather it be written in grape-scented  purple glitter ink.  Kinda lessens the sting of the whole head down in the toilet thing...

Sometimes I want to color my Filofax inserts in a way pens can't.

Filofax inserts as coloring book

Or write down an appointment that's tentative, a grocery list I'm not quite sure of, plan a guest list far in advance, make notes in a book, or do a crossword puzzle.  


Sometimes you just need a pencil...

After suffering through every piece of leaded awful in the house, I bought one.

This one.

And look, it fits very nicely in the (front side) Filofax pen loop.

midori white brass pencil on a purple finchley

Figured I have a nice Filofax I should  adorn it with a classy pencil and the Midori Brass Bullet Pencil, in white, is very, very classy.  I ordered it from Japanese Pencils and they couldn't have been  more accommodating and the shipping was so fast.  I think I got it in three (maybe two) days.  

Just so you know they carry the Midori Traveler's Notebooks and other cool stuff.

midori white brass pencil on a purple finchley

The pencil is a two-parter, the pencil part replaceable. 

midori white brass pencil on a purple finchley

When set to write it's a good length and very comfy to hold.  The hardness is HB.  If you don't know what that means (cause I didn't)  I put what the Ticonderoga pencil people say at the bottom.

The short version is HB is smack in the middle of the pencil scale, right where #2 pencils are so while the Midori Bullet is classy, easy to carry, and a joy to use; writing with it is familiar and comfortable.

Next time you're searching around for a fun, new pen or ink scented like a pineapple give a great pencil some thought.  Your Filofax will thank you for it; it's a very useful thing.

And as Jon Bon Jovi once said, "Map out your future - but do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it.  Make it worth the trip."

Nothing makes a trip nicer then a first class ride.... Or pencil as it were.

*"In America, the number on a pencil indicates the degree of hardness or softness of the writing core. The writing core is made from graphite and clay. The more graphite in a pencil - the darker the mark. The more clay in a pencil - the lighter the mark. Europe uses a different grading system. They use letters to refer to the hardness or softness of the writing core. The more graphite in a pencil - the softer the grade. The more clay in a pencil - the harder the grade. For example, H is hard, B is black, F is a fine point, and HB is hard and black."


Monday, March 26, 2012

President Clinton: On ink.

"Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel."
                                         President Bill Clinton 

I agree but life's too short for black ink; write powerful words daily, punctuated  brightly.

pens pencils


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mmmm-more favorite Nutrisystem meals

I got this way (ie Needing Nutrisystem) because I kinda like food.  It's a comfort to me and I know that's an issue so I'm working hard on that one.   Nutrisystem's Daily Dose is very helpful with things like this.

Just a few days ago there was one to remind me that I don't have to be that person anymore.



Say sayonara to the old you
The old you would have been sitting around and daydreaming of the "one day" that you would be fit and feeling great. The old you would have longed for the day you'd say, "I'm doing this for me."

In fact, the old you probably wouldn't even be reading this article. Well, if the old you could only see you now!

What you may not realize is that you already cut ties with that past person when you made the decision to commit to your weight loss goals. You are further ahead than you think.

The new you is someone who has made today the day to set your goals and work toward them; accepts change and the challenges along the way; is going to be fearless and is doing this because you deserve it.

Both the old you and the new you would agree on that.

Both my selves agree very much!

I don't want to eat for any other reason then hunger anymore and truth is, my old self knew this; she just didn't have the tools to step away from the food.  My new self still has those same old (EAT! It will make it all go away.  Tracy, do it, it's the right thing to do.  Would you lie to you?) urges...  

Now I wait for meal times because you can have anything you want but not everything you want.   I can have food I love but not all day with a binge at night.  

Thought I'd show you a few favorite meals...

Cream of Broccoli soup made into a filling for an Egg (substitute) omelet with even more broccoli thrown in because I love it and it's SO GOOD for me.

Nutrisystem Lunch

Macaroni and cheese with Salisbury steak and a salad with cucumber and avocado(an extra).  I love this dinner, it's one of the frozen ones and it's very "comfort food"

Nutrisystem Dinner 3/21/12

NutriSystem Advanced Stroganoff Sauce with Beef & Noodles on a bed of greens and a salad.

Nutrisystem Swedish Meatballs with Pasta and Sauce

Stay tuned for more food pictures and  if you want to lost weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click HERE! or call 1-888-853-4689.  Both of your selves will love you for it!

Click on my favorite way to start the day for more information on how you can have success and donuts for breakfast.

*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food  and program materials in exchange for blogging. 


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