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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yoda: On Filofax

If you buy a Filofax, you will be buying another.  That's not just my opinion; everyone knows it.

Even Yoda.

All  spanking new binders come with inserts ranging from,  Heck yeah!  to flat-out baffling.   

It won't be long before you need a separate Filofax just to store these random sheets.  Self-perpetuating marketing, don't you think?

The only solutions  are to give them to someone else, store them forever (or until they recycle themselves back to pulp), find a use for them or throw them away which I hesitated adding; no one does that.

Although... Running them through a paper shredder to make Filo-fetti sounds kind of fun (Think: Filo-fetti fight at a meet-up).

Filo-fetti aside, most are stored permanently.   Since I can't bring myself to pitch them I opted for finding alternative uses.

I do a lot of to-doing but the Filofax To Do sheets don't work for me so what to do? What to do?

I put them here.

I have a section called lists; it's very random.  It holds my craft ideas, wish lists, books I want to read, gratitude list and a page with all those Computer codes I need to remember but can't (Product keys, program expiration dates,  warranty info but no passwords, don't write them).  Now, I need more then one page for my craft section and wish lists but the other stuff amounts to a page.

The Filofax To Do sheets are PERFECT for the other stuff in there.  They are divided but unlined so I use a section per item.  Here's an example:

filofax todo sheets

That's my Book Wish List and I can fit all the info into the sections.  When I get something on the list I tick off the box on the right.   At $4.50 for 25 sheets they are crazy-expensive if you're to-doing on them but as a general list sheet they are almost economical.

The Swedish Activity Sheet Ref. 723007 is an interesting insert.

filo insert

At 35.00 Swedish Krona  ($5.10 USD) plus shipping from the Arctic circle they are very costly.  They sat for a long time.

I got them with a Swedish Filofax ...

filofax activity sheet

And they fold out.  

I use them for my wish lists and craft ideas (inspirations, new ideas and as a place to write coupon codes for craft sites).

craft sheets

The fold out feature gives you a large area to play with.

craft sheets

... Making it the perfect canvas for a Washi Tape Fest.

All of these solutions work great for me but I'd love other ideas.   If any one uses these baffling inserts for something else and it works brilliantly - Let me know.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A greyhound smile

I let Ventura off leash (fenced yard) this morning.  Didn't know if he would run around but he did a little, he really loves to run.

He didn't run as nearly as long as he used to but just look at him smile afterwards...

His smile was worth the traffic I drove though to get him there...


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Organ!zed: More new uses for old things.

In my powder room I have a liquid soap dispenser but some people like bar soap.  I do have a dish of little square soaps but they are for smelling up the room; not washing.  Since no one's ever washed with them my hands off the bar soap policy must be obvious. 

Today I rethought that, why not offer bar soap?

Problem was, no soap dish and I didn't want to go out and buy one.  They are over-priced for what they are; a place where soap can dry instead of turning to goo.   

I looked around and found two perfect solutions; one for a single bar and one for the rest.

Any idea what this is?

How about this view, does it help?

It's the glass top from a jar candle with the white plastic ring insert removed. Oh! And a few glass stones to aid in the not turning to goo thing.

The other thing's easier.

 It's the lid from a Pyrex refrigerator dish!   I have more lids then fridges and use the most perfect ones in the kitchen but that leaves me with random lids (Read: Clutter!).  Glad I found a use for them..  Um.  One of them.

I think it works, what do you think?


Monday, March 12, 2012

What's in my Miche Bag? Giveaway ends 3/18/12

Check out what I can fit in my  Miche and then  go HERE  to enter my giveaway for one prima base bag and two shells.

Hope you like the video!  For information on Miche’s  work from home opportunities, check out the Miche Website!

And be sure to send Miche some Purse-Love on Facebook  and  Twitter, it'll make their day!

*Miche sent me the base bags and shells, I purchased the long straps. and my son ordered another shell for my birthday!  I love these things!*


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Planner threesome...

My A5 Finchely,  Midori Traveler's Notebook, and I make beautiful organized music together.

I know a lot of people don't use or like the long slip pocket in the back of some  Filofaxes but after I figured this out I wish they all had them (Yes, Mr. Malden..  I'm talking to you!)

Places that sell Midori brand Products:


Ventura reviews The Furminator Brush in his sleep

The Furminator site has a store locator

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PS - Ventura bought the furminator with his allowance...


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