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Friday, March 2, 2012

For your Oscar consideration, What's in my Filofax

My Filofax in motion...

It's my first video and a total Ummm-fest. It's pretty awful - Sorry about that, I'll do better if I do another.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scaping Question, yet again

Last September I did a post called I'm scaping the bottom of the barrel. It was about my lack of table and other scaping skills.  

I asked for help with this shelving unit.

You guys came through.

The responses were so helpful, and to some degree similar.  You're all so smart!  You felt I  was missing height,  odd numbers of items, and a bit of random falala... You were 100% right.

I've added a few more things to Pyrex-scape since then but have been adjusting based on your advice and...  

VoilĂ , y'all!

kitchen shelves pyrex 

Height,  in the form of stacking, added the  je ne sais quoi my original Pyrex Diorama was sorely lacking.  And a bit of asymmetry added a lot of visual interest. As you can see Ginger is unimpressed but I think it's tres fabuleax!  

Now. As for these..

squiggle ware 

My new Squiggle Ware Pots and Pans...

squiggle ware pots

I put those retro puppies on top and I totally love them but...

kitchen shelves

I don't think  they look very good  hanging up there on the top shelf and scaping those is harder.  They are big, bulky, and oddly shaped.  

 Maybe I need height with them? I could stack a few cookbooks and set the back aqua dutch oven on top....  I dunno.  I just dunno. 

Since you helped so much last time I thought I'd throw my scaping question out to you again...  What in the world should I do with the Squiggle Ware?


Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I mess with my Filofax constantly; changing this, moving that.   First, I thought it boiled down to  #MassivePlannerFail but you know, I think I just like playing with the thing; filotweaking it.

 Lately I've been rethinking dividers.


I've talked about tarting up dividers using cards...

And (here) I used stencils. 

filofax stamp catcher

Oh! That little bag is new, it's my stamp wrangler. 

 I do have a big plastic zip bag, a few actually but with what I put in them -- like the steel rods they removed from my dog's leg --

...the stamps get gnarled.   The stamp wrangler is a small glassine envelope with two holes punched through the "sealed" end.  It's perfect, holding a couple o' few stamps.  

My recent tweak fest was dividers. I didn't want to buy them and I didn't want to cut them  either so I looked around and realized, duh... I have the perfect thing.  

When you get Filofax inserts they come with a piece of cardboard to keep the inserts straight, I assume.  I kept them .


Being the same size as the inserts they are the right size. You just have to punch holes.

  business card divider 

From there what you do is up to you, you can stick a million things on...

tissue paper divider

Or just one thing.  This one is covered with some very cool tissue paper, and it's my last page.  As you can see I don't use the slot across the top for the notepad but it's great for sticker storage.

  vintage coke ad divider

This is my favorite divider.    I love old magazines and have a good many.  This picture is the image from a 1950's Coke-Cola ad.

No wait, changed my mind - This is my favorite.

I recently joined The Letter Writer's Alliance and they sent me a welcome pack.  I liked the  packaging so much I turned it into a divider. 

The cardboard pieces are sturdy, the exact size you need and would work for tons of things so don't throw them out! 

And a final thought: For the ultimate custom divider you could apply several coats of Gesso and do an original piece of art.  Seriously, can't you see that on Etsy?  Original artwork with tags like Filofax and A5?


Nail Polish of the Day, Pure Ice

I don't live near Walmart  so when I'm around one I go check the sales; in the past I've found some fabulous knock-around shirts for five dollars or less.  Say what you want about Walmart but when put up a CLEARANCE sign they mean it.

Last Saturday I found three tunics for four-fifty.  I always get a few sizes bigger because the shirts shrink quite a bit but as long as you account for that, no problem.

I also took a stroll down Nail Polish lane because I've seen great reviews on Pro-Fx Epoxy Bond Base Coat and it's only at Walmart.

I've yet to find it at a store.

But... I did find Pure Ice nail polish ( also available only at Walmart ).  I'd never seen it before,  the colors are great and it costs less then two dollars so - SOLD!    I had about nine of them in my cart and then thought I was getting carried away...  What if it's awful?   I scaled back to just these two...

Strip Tease

Heart Breaker

Both are scrumptious.  Strip Tease is glowier then it looks in the picture, almost like it's flashing duochrome raspberry along with Barbie pink.  It goes on light, but is build-able.  Heart Breaker is more of a top coat which really surprised me, it appears to be a dense color but it would take probably double digit coats to get the color in the bottle so I used them together.  

nail polish of the day

This is a fantastic combination.

nail closeup

Very mermaid if you ask me...

Heart breaker appears more flakie then  glitterish, which is a huge positive, and there is a real depth to it's appearance that I can't explain - or photograph.  It almost has a holographic appearance that intensifies as you add coats.

This polish is terrific.  I put it on Saturday and took the pictures this morning, five days later and it still looks perfect.  That's amazing for any polish but for a polish that cost $1.99 well, I'm in cuticle heaven.   And it feels hard.  I can't explain that but it just dries really hard.

And speaking of drying, it dried really fast, really, really fast.    I did use   Seche Vite  as a top coat but it wasn't needed to speed drying time.   Pure Ice polish might have been the fastest drying polish I've used in ages.  

Walmart doesn't sell Pure Ice polish from their site, you have to go to a store which isn't easy for me...  On the glass half full side, I can never have too many three dollar shirts so win-win!

Score: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  of five hearts

*Bought this myself. *


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