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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pens and Paper and Letters...

Got my Jetpens order the other day and danced around the living room yelling," My pens are here! My pens are here!" until my kid said, Geeze ma, I got friends over... 

Kids, right?

For those so far down techy rabbit hole they don't remember pens: Pens are  styluses with fun, liquid centers ...  Most of my new pens are Uniball Signo 207 pens in various colors with the odd scented, glittered, or kicky colored pen thrown in 'cause they just make life more fun.  

 Here's a complete clickable list of my purchases. 

They all write very smoothly, right from the beginning.  No scribbling back and forth a thousand times needed on a single one of them; I find that amazing.  The pens cost range was about a dollar to three and change, cheap.  Don't know if you've ever written with a standard  US branded dollar pen but it's not a peak experience.   Maybe Japanese brand pens, even inexpensive ones,  are constructed to enhance the writing experience.

pen trials

Thanks to Christa I have my beloved  Filofax Insert # 250186 to test the pens on.   The Uniball Signo pens wrote beautifully, no skipping, and the colors were vivid on every one.

pen trials 2

The Miffy  in 'Lavender Purple, is lovely and writes a nice, smooth, thin line ..And it smells Grapetastic.   I wasn't expecting much, the pen only cost $1.10 but it's TOO much fun.  It's considered a gel pen but it feels more like writing with a thin marker to me.  

uniball signo in rose

All the colors were great, some were amazing...

another todo shot

My to-do lists continue the march towards something closer to an art journal, closer and closer every day.


And I think I like it.


I didn't realize how much I missed writing, the physical act of writing until I got a Filofax and actually wrote something every single day.  


The pink glitter pen has more cool then it's dollar-ninety price tag would suggest.  You can see the glitter and it's fabulous but only  in some light.  That's the only draw back, when your words hit the right light it's magic, when they don't (the orange highlighted words) it looks grainy and not glittery.  

I've enjoyed all this pen to paper so much I  joined The Letter Writer's Alliance.

letter writers alliance

And just look at their welcome package.  I think there might be even  be more handwritten words in my near future.

And I think I like that, too.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Thrift SCORE! of the month, last one I promise.

I take back what I said yesterday about the clock  being the Thrift SCORE! of the month

This is the Thrift SCORE! of the month...

  pink, aqua and yellow squiggle vintage cookware...

Not that it was thrifty, I paid a lot but can you blame me?

Oh, and P.S. does anyone know what this stuff is, besides divine?


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meh-Bomb, Diffused

Until yesterday the month of February was a big meh-bomb as far as thrift SCORES! were concerned; found a thing or two but nothing to write home about. 

 Or write here about...  

Then the other day I saw this description come through Freecycle:  "a General Electric Kitchen clock - 50's or 60's kitschy style with scalloped edges"  and I had to have it.

Don't know if you know how it goes with  Freecycle but wanting something and getting it are sometimes mutually exclusive.  But this time as luck would have it...

General Electric wall clock 2150 circa 1960

Isn't she adorable?

And that color yellow is the color of my kitchen.  Heavy thrifting karma sigh...  She's a General Electric Model #2150, works beautifully (YAY!), is about 7 inches across and made in...  Well, I'm not sure.  Googling produces a date result of "made in the 1950's and 1960's" mostly from people who are trying to sell one.

  Since the model also came in avocado I'm thinking 60's, maybe late 60's  and possibly the 70's.  Could be wrong about that but playing the  1950's card probably gets more buyers.

 This could be the best find all month but I do still have to pick up that lamp on Saturday...  

February's turned around nicely!

Check out Colorado Lady for more vintage goodness!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moleskine gives it's life for a Filofax

After  rereading yesterday's Filofax post about hacking a Moleskine to bits and using the pages in a Filofax A5 I realized the pictures were artsy but not very helpful if someone wanted to have at one of their unused Moleskines

 Cool picture


 but not very informative about the process.

So today I decided to do a second post, and even though it pains me, I'm leaving out the photo abracadabra. 

The large size Moleskines (including the Passions Notebooks) are 5" x 8 1/4" (210 mm x 130 mm for those of you that speak metric) which,  according to Philofaxy, is very close to A5 Filofax inserts; 210 mm x 148 mm.

As you can see from my unartisticated photograph they are near perfect.  Since Moleskines now have so many variations, themes and topics you can dig up all kinds of fun additions inside them. 

These pages were step-tabbed in the Moleskine and I left them that way when I put them in Mr. Malden.

 moleskine filo

The tabs are also plastic-coated for durability.

Getting the notebooks apart cleanly is a bit of a deal and they kvetch  all the while you're doing it.  I'm going to try the reporter style Moleskines; that way I only have to deal with the top.   Of course the Reporter version doesn't come in all sorts of wicked cool permutations but they do have a graph notebook I can't wait to rip to shreds...

To get the notebook apart, find the middle and cut the strings; there are about four loops holding the middle page in.

moleskine hacked to bits

That only gets out one page, the dead center page.  

moleskine hacked to bits

The rest of the pages are sewn together in groups (see above).  Carefully take out a group at a time, cutting  string sets and you go.  They have to be cut carefully and individually.  

Once you have a few of these paper groups out you can remove the rest of the whole side without ripping all the paper into confetti. 

moleskine hacked to bits

Carefully and slowly, pull down from top to bottom.  If it's not coming easily remove a few more paper groupings...

moleskine hacked to bits

This is what a the rest of the side looks like.  There's stuck on paper from the inside cover and binding...

moleskine hacked to bits

And here it is with the excess paper cleaned off.   You can see how the paper is tied together and the smaller paper bundles.

From there it's a matter of separating everything, cutting the pages in half and hole-punching.  

Now, I know Moleskines aren't cheap; the Reporter I want is about $18 and that will net me 120 pages but the graph paper I've been using from Filofax isn't available in the US anymore.  I can order it, $7.30 (plus insane shipping) for 25 sheets.   (PS - I can print a graph from Philofaxy, another great solution ) 

I'm not saying you should go out and buy new Moleskine notebooks and hack them apart but as you can see, it's possible to save some money depending on what kind of inserts you need and how hard they are to get.

I'm especially thinking of the Watercolor Reporter Notebook.  People are always saying they can't do art in a Filofax and this would make it very easy...

There are also a lot of similarly sized other-branded notebooks with excellent (fountain-pen friendly) paper around, and that's something I'm going to look into as well.

The bottom line is, this is something to try if you have unused notebooks laying around unloved and pining away.  You might end up with a whole new set of inserts and find it very cost effective to boot.


Naturopathica all-inclusive regimen results, I heart it.

My 30 day Naturopathica all-inclusive regimen try out is coming to a close.  Today I'm going to spotlight two products because I use them together...

 ...But first, the entire  kit I'm using contains a morning and evening cleanser, a daily moisturizer and a full sized Plant Stem Cell treatment ($48 on it's own and a pore-shrinking miracle that I wrote about here .)

After using the  Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream and  Oat Facial Polish my face is clean, smooth and ready for some goodness.  My kit came with (a full size)  Plant Stem Cell Serum and the Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex.  

From the website ...

The Plant Stem Cell Serum is an ECOCERT certified organic concentrated serum, designed to significantly slow down the aging of cells due to inflammation caused by UVA photodamage and oxidative stress. 

How to use:  To maximize the effectiveness of the serum, “pulse” the botanicals by applying at the start of each season. Apply a pea size amount of serum to fingertips and massage into face and neck daily at night for 30 days. Repeat every 90 days.
The Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex is a powerful plant derived enzymatic antioxidant known for its ability to neutralize the highly reactive superoxide radical and slow down the signs of aging.

VITAMINS A, C & E: this blend of potent antioxidants helps to neutralize free radicals and protect skin from environmental assault.
How to use:  Apply a pea size amount to face morning and night.  May also be layered under your favorite Naturopathica moisturizer for increased hydration during colder months.
I love the smell of  Naturopathica  products, and these are no exception.  They all have a clean, herbal smell that says, SPA!  RELAX! BEAUTIFY!

I've used these two products for a month now and I'm VERY happy with the result.  My skin doesn't have the normal dry-flakies common in the winter or the February Blahs...  You know what I mean?  The way your skin looks when you've been inside too much?
And my make-up goes on a lot better, even with no moisturizer, after using these two products.  And I don't mean with a primer, I mean just these two products and that's huge for me because even with a primer before this 30 day trial if I didn't pick the exact right make-up and put it on in the exact right way, my skin looked a fright.  

I'm definitely happier looking in my make-up....  Oh, and without it too.  

*Naturopathica sent me the age defense kit to try for 30 days, my skin's opinion is it's own.*


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Filofax Lists Frankensection

 I Googleimagesearched Filofax insert  ref. # 723027  and not much came up;  nothing I had with that number anyway (the page you write down important dates).  I wanted to know what that insert was officially called so I could google that and see how people use it. Since  #723027 lives in the Bermuda Insert Triangle, I'm winging it.

I filled out my dates to remember sheet a while back but the page didn't have a home so I snuck it in between the random, standard issue Filofax obscure information sheets.  Problem is, the chance of me running across it while looking up, oh say American vs. Swedish shoe size equivalents are frankly,  nil.  So I moved it.

I really need this sheet front and center, I'm awful at remembering Birthdays, Anniversarys, and any date where I need a gift.  I have no memory for dates.  They always sneak up on me so I moved this critical insert...  

Into my newest Filofax section.


Filofax list section

The Lists section came about because there are several subjects I keep track of; most not needing a whole section and some needing no more then a page.  I thought a section holding all of it would work and so far, it's working out well.

filofax special day sheet

Here's my dates to remember...

special days, filofax insert

I even found  Washi Tape with the days of the week. 

A gift idea section follows the date page; the pages are tabbed, subjected, and easy to find.  I hacked them.  I have a few Moleskine Passion  Journals that I thought would be fabulous  but never touched'em.  I love the pages and the size works great in an A5 Filofax.  Just a few holes and... 

VoilĂ !

That's my Birthday and Christmas gift idea section above.

I couldn't find a sticker for non-Birthday/Christmas gifts, so I used a sticker that said ' Wonderful Day' and I added a Wish List of my own.

I need to whack off the frayed edges a bit.

I've been thinking of doing a gift idea section for a while, I never know what to get when the time comes.   What really got me going on it was a few months back I found the perfect gift for someone in a magazine, ripped out the page, wadded it up and stuffed it in my pocket.  

I've looked for it ever since...  

Finding it a week ago, in a sweater I don't remember wearing, got the lead out of making this section.   

I cut out a picture of the present - a tickler image -  wrote some info on the company, Twig Terrariums and now I'm all set to buy someone the best, most perfect birthday present ever!

I've got to say hacking up an unused Moleskine worked so well I'm off to search similarly sized other-branded books and papers for use in my Filofax.  


Monday, February 20, 2012

It's raining purses! Miche Bag Giveaway! Yes!

My house is the family destination on Christmas Eve; everyone comes to eat, decorate, and exchange gifts.  Not everyone lives in New Jersey anymore, kids grow up and away... But after their December 24th flights from all over the place, all the wayward sparrows congregate at my house.  I kinda love that!

This year one of the wayward sparrows showed up with a Miche Bag.

The Morgan Prima

And because she just flew in from the west coast, went through airport security (twice) and then drove to my house I just knew the first thing she wanted to do was tell me about her purse.   She got her bag  at a Miche Party  (they give  amazing parties, I mean have amazing  work from home opportunities) but you can also shop Miche online.)

She showed me how a Miche bag means never having to switch all the stuff from one bag to another. You put all of your essentials in the base bag and just switch the shells; which stay in place with "earth magnets".  I have some of those magnets, even the small one's are really strong! 

My sparrow had the Prima size:

The Prima Base Bag is 5" (wide) x 15"(long) x 12" (tall).  Features two small interior open pockets, one medium open pocket, one large zippered pocket, four credit card slots and two pen holders.  It's very big and very big happens to be my size of choice in a bag! 

Of course,  you can choose a smaller Base Bag— Classic, Demi, or Petite.   I was on the website before you could say Miche  picking out my favorites. 

Miche bags hold a TON

  A scrumptious bag that's sized just this side of luggage, divine!

Miche Bag,  Prima Size - Parker shell

The Perfect Pop of Color, Parker

Because I know you LOVE purses like I love purses, especially the big ones,  I wrote Miche about doing a giveaway and they said, yes!   

Miche  sent the four shells pictured above (Jocelynne, Leah, Rosalyn, and Parker) and Prima bases for me and the winner.   

Since receiving mine, I ordered longer straps;  two of the pictures have longer straps then your base bag will have.   There are so many accessories available, longer straps are just the beginning!   

 That's what's so great about Miche, if you want to change your look you don't have to invest in a whole new bag.  After the initial investment of  $44.95 for a Prima Base Bag (smaller base bags are less) and a shell, perhaps one of these would set you giggling , I know they are on my Birthday Money List...

You are fashionably set.  Of course, you don't have to stop, there are other straps, charms, wallets, sigh.  And when you're ready for a completely different look, the investment is just new straps, or a shell, or maybe a charm...  

Love that and onto the GIVEAWAY!

*First, because I'm shipping this is US only.*

 One reader will win a Miche Prima Base Bag to have and love forever and ever.... Plus!  TWO Prima Shells...


Jocelynne and...

There is only one Mandatory entry : comment to this post.  You can tell me which Miche Shell you'd get with your birthday money...  Or which size you like best...  Or just tell me I'm not alone in my purse addiction. I'd like to know that....

You can comment once a day.

If you'd like two more entries, Follow Miche on Twitter and Facebook and let me know...  And tell them you love them, they like that!

Giveaway will end on my birthday!  March 18, 2012 at 9:00 pm eastern time and please include your email address in your comment so I can find you.  If I can not contact the winner by  March 22, 2012  or someone was a bad girl and entered even though they weren't in the US, a new winner will be picked. 

If you'd like to see more shells from  Miche's  Sweet Temptations Look Book, featuring Shells from January, February and March 2012 here you go!

They are Droolicicious!

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*Miche sent me the base bags and shells, I purchased the long straps.*


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